1. joziod12

    Looking for builders ready to be free builders for template build team

    hello my name is joe and im the owner of template build team and we are currently low on builders so we are looking for 3 builders willing to build for free until the funds are in order dm me on discord if you want to become one its a great way to gain pics for a portfolio Discord-KingTchalla#2436
  2. Flora Build Team

    ➙ ✿ Flora Builds ✿ Let your imagination flourish today! ▶

    Hello! We are Flora Builds, a build team consisting of 18 talented people. The team was established more than 4 years ago and it started as a private MMORPG server's exclusive team. Fast forward, Flora is now one of the largest and most reputable teams in the market, collaborating, having...
  3. joziod12

    hiring advertisers

    Hey im the owner of a small but talent build team called template i am currenlty looking for some advertisers to advertise the build team to people looking for someone to build for them for every deal you get you will be payed %10 so if you find a $50 deal once the client pays you will be payed...
  4. joziod12

    Advertising manager for build team [PAID]

    hello my name is joe and im the owner of template build team we are currently starting a advertising team and need someone to manage it As the advertising manager your job is to advertise are team to people looking for builders and gettying us jobs/deals you will also be required to find other...
  5. joziod12

    looking for sales reps [PAID]

    hey im jow the owner of template build team at the moment im looking for sales reps as a sales rep i will pay you %10 of any minecraft build you get my team for more info pls dm me at joe_gamer#8883 on discord
  6. Sasa123


    We are hiring! Hello everyone! We are looking for an experienced builder to join our team. Who are we? We are a build team, who creates content for both Minecraft marketplace and free community websites. Requirements - 14 or older age recommended, but younger individuals may still apply if...
  7. joziod12

    template build team needs builders [PAID]

    hey my name is joe and i own template build team we are a group of talented builders looking to expand we are currently a small team containing only 3 builders but we have completed 2 orders and have more needing done if you are intrested then pls dm me at joe_gamer#8883
  8. MagmaTeam

    MagmaTeam **New Special Offer!!!**

    MagmaTeam **New Special Offer!!!** We are currently offering orders of 250$ or higher will get a free 500x500 Custom Safari with their order & 1 free pokemon organic on top of that!!!! Simply join discord to open a ticket!!!!! Discord: Webside...
  9. joziod12

    Template build team sale reps needed [paid]

    hey im joe the owner of template build team we currently need a couple of sale reps to get us deals you will be payed %10 of the deal you get if you would like to become a sale rep for template build team pls dm me joe_gamer#8883
  10. MagmaTeam

    Magma Build Team10% off Currently!!!

    |Magma Build Team| Get the best builds for the best price!! We are currently running a promotion for 50$ or 10% off your first build!! We have over 300+ Completed Commissions with Tons of satisfied customers!! Website: PMC...
  11. joziod12

    template build team

    we will build anything you need for a flexable price if you would like to order from us please dm me joe_gamer#8883
  12. MagmaTeam

    MagmaBuilds || 50$ or 10% off First Order!!

    Simple you want builds we got em. We dont need a fancy image on MCM to get you attention heres our links see you soon <3 . Website: PMC|PortFolio: Discord:
  13. MatryoshkaBT

    MBA BuildTeam | Cheap and high-quality maps

    OUR STORE | FULL Portfolio | Discord | MatryoshkaBT#0561 PMC | Twitter | @anspiralcrew VK | To make an exclusive order add us in Discord MatryoshkaBT#0561
  14. MagmaTeam

    MagmaBuilds | Best Pokemon Style Builds

    We do Pokemon Related Minecraft Builds. DM for more info!!
  15. _TrxsTer_

    Looking for a Build Team To Join | Minecraft Builder

    Good day, everyone! I'm TrxsTer, and I'm seeking for a build team to join. I've been playing Minecraft for around 5-6 years and have spent the most of my time building for the server or for my own profit. I want to join a build team to obtain more experience as well as everything else that...
  16. attari.

    Swirlline Studios | Affordable Builds | QUALITY |

  17. Opto

    (PAID) Builders,Sales Reps, Management and potential CEO

    Xenos Builds is Recruiting! Looking for… Management, Sales Representatives, Builders, Designers, and Developers and Potential COO PS: (Looking for 2 marketplace high quality professional builders.) Information: Xenos Builds is a professional Minecraft build team with people who dedicate...
  18. alex.

    Looking for builders

    Good evening, I am a build manager on a practice server. We are actively looking for some practice maps builders, hub builders and more. We want builders with experience. The work load will be small it just needs to get done in a reasonable amount of time. Thank You! discord: @alex.#0070
  19. Shnickers

    Dynasty Build Team | Hiring builders (Paid)

    Dynasty Build Team Hey! We’re a new professional build team looking for more talented builders to join us. If you're a builder and want to put your talent into something worth your time please consider applying to us :) Note: You'll get paid for every commission you do. If you're interested...
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