bungeecord addon

  1. mineCodes

    [10% OFF] mineLogin - Advanced login system for premium and cracked players. - VELOCITY Support 1.0.1

    mineLogin is an advanced login plugin for premium and non-premium players with automatic authentication of premium accounts. All other features are listed below. NORMAL Premium player accounts are protected so non-premium players cannot play under their nickname. MIXED...
  2. iSnakeBuzz_

    ServerNPC BungeeCord Addon 1.0.1

    How to install. Download the plugin. Drag and drop to the BungeeCord plugins folder. Restart BungeeCord. Now you can use it with ServerNPC. How to use: To use you need ServerNPC installed in Spigot Side. Use this command /snpc action (npcName) add false none bgcmd:/alert Test! Done.
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