chat colors plugin

  1. Omidius

    ChatColourX [1.12 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2.1

    Omidius presents... ChatColourX ✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦ This is a lightweight plugin designed to allow players to open up a GUI and select their own chat colours! This plugin would serve really well as a donor perk for your server! Installation To install this plugin, put the ChatColourX.jar...
  2. yazon_pro

    SALERevChat Hex colors, Unlimited Tags & Chat colors, Mentions, MESSAGING SYSTEM, GUI 2.0

    Features: Unlimited Tags Unlimited ChatColors PlaceholderAPI support Fully configurable in-game reload command Mentions Ability to turn on/off mentions Ability to turn on/off notifications sounds via command (/sounds) Ability to to turn on/off your private messages via command (/tpm)...
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