chat control

  1. P

    PixelServ - Chat 1.0

    How to install: 1. Download PixelServ-Chat.jar. 2. Place the PixelServ-Chat.jar in your plugins directory. 3. Restart your server. - /chatclear - chatsystem.chatclear - /personalchatclear - chatsystem.personalchatclear - /teamchat - chatsystem.teamchat - /globalmute - chatsystem.globalmute...
  2. Omidius

    AdminCmdsPlus [1.8 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.3.4

    Full list of permissions here: Full config. file here: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. AustinFRG

    ConvoManager 1.1.2

    Features: Anti-swear System Anti-spam System Mute Chat System Staff Chat System Clear-chat Command Color Code Chat Commands: /clearchat - Clears the chat. /convomanager help - Tells you the commands this Skript has. /mutechat - Mutes the chat so that only people with the bypass permission...
  4. LinsaFTW

    ChatSentinel - Premium Configuration 0.2.9

    INFORMATION This is a PREMIUM configuration for the free BungeeCord/Spigot chat protection plugin ChatSentinel. Get ChatSentinel: This PREMIUM configuration took a lot of time to make, it has been used...
  5. Forodin

    SuperChat Package Constantly Updating Optimized Sale 4.2

    Every good server needs some good chat plugins to improve everything, why not use ChatControl, ChatReaction, and more to come? Some of the most popular chat plugins there are!? These is annoying to setup though, don't worry because I got your back! • What my Configs Comes With • - Message...
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