chat filter

  1. Omidius

    Chat Emoji [1.16+] 50% SALE ! 1.2.9

    Full emoji list here: Screenshots & pictures here: Full config. file here:
  2. T

    Chat Filter for Factions Servers 1.0 stable

    About: When thinking about this plugin, the issue that arose was the fact that not every player may want their chat to be filtered. Seeing as Factions in itself is a toxic environment some players enjoy it, while others may want toxicity to be swapped. That's where this plugin comes in, each...
  3. LinsaFTW

    ChatSentinel - Premium Configuration 0.2.9

    INFORMATION This is a PREMIUM configuration for the free BungeeCord/Spigot chat protection plugin ChatSentinel. Get ChatSentinel: This PREMIUM configuration took a lot of time to make, it has been used...
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