Custom Join & Quit Message 1.3

    A simple plugin for personalization of the join and quit messages A simple to use plugin that will allow you to customize the join and quit message, it also brings a message customization option that will allow you to add special actions. More extensions will be released soon! DEPENDENCIES...
  2. HydroDevelopments

    -[ HydroChat ]- 2021-12-10

    HydroChat A basic, lightweight plugin, for any server! Uses? HydroChat is very easy to use and configure! It has 4 functions. The ability to announce messages to the server, the ability to lock, and unlock global chat, and also to clear the chat. This plugin was created to be a standalone...
  3. MetaxCrew

    MagicalCore alpha [FREE] 1.0.2

    PLUGIN IS STILL IN THE ALPHA STAGE FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE CHAT HEX CODE SUPPORT Required plugins: ( Vault ) Plugin is mostly out for testing. Tested versions: 1.17 COMMANDS - /day Command - /night Command - /pl aka /plugins Command - /gmc /gm1 - /gms /gm0 - /gmsp /gm3 - /gma /gm4 - /fly /flight -...
  4. n0rthmaster123

    GroupChat 0.1

    Commands: /groupchat <version/help/reload> /gc <name( of group)> <messages> Config.yml(Example) groups: Admin: name: Admin permission: groupchat.admin Mod: name: Mod permission: groupchat.mod Public: name: Public permission: none name: - name of group...
  5. mrxbox98

    ChatQuiz 2021-08-05

    In the config, there are two questions already set. You can add more questions in the same format and add multiple answers for each one. The delay between each question being asked is also configurable. The questions that are asked are chosen at random. Ask any questions in chat and give rewards...

    Messages [X-Series] 1.1

  7. R


    Characteristics: 90% of the plugin is translatable and configurable Super Lightweight ! EssentialX support ! DeluxeTags importer (check /robottags import) MySQL support ! HEX COLOR SUPPORT configurable on all the tags for the version 1.16 & 1.17 ING GUI SYSTEM (so you don't have to make one)...
  8. Prism3

    Social [ Outdated ] 1.2

    This project has been merged with another resource Download it here
  9. Mati_Rosen

    ChatBot [In game configurable!] 2.1

    Introducing ChatBot, a lightweight, fully in-game configurable, plug & play plugin ChatBot is a bot that answers messages in the chat. When a player asks or says something, the bot reads it and, if you configurated a response for this message, it will answer. You can set multiple responses to...
  10. Ech

    Simple Discord ChatBot 1.0

    Simple Discord ChatBot This Simple Discord ChatBot is created by Ech. It is a simple bot to chat with your discord server members. Dependencies: You need to get API URL that includes bid and key. It's free to get one :D Screenshots : You can also enable chat ping too...
  11. Inamine

    Player Emotes Pro | Share your Emotions! [1.14-1.16.5+] 2.10

    TEST SERVER: 50+ Premade Emotes! Fully customized and ready to use Incredible In-Game editor/creator Infinite Heads & Animated Heads 23 styles of Particle effects 7 Unique Effects 3 Styles of Item Particles MySQL Tracking for Emote Usage Command Blocker during Emotes...
  12. I

    BungeeCord Staff Message

    Hello MCM! I am requesting a bungeecord - proxy plugin, that allows staff members to send private messages globaly, to respond to things such as HelpOps and Reports. commands: /sreply <name> <message> (preferred messages.yml) message: &c[STAFF] %staffmember% -> Me: &o%message% I...
  13. vitold

    Advanced Chat Bubbles Messages above the player's head 1.0

    Advanced Chat Bubbles - is a plugin that displays what other players are saying in a chat bubble, just like in some MMORPGs. Unlike free analogs of the plugin, messages are perfectly fixed above the player's head when moving. General features: Configurable bubble prefix Configurable number...
  14. UTF

    SuperDeathMessages (1.8.9-1.16.3) 2021-04-29

    Features Death Message Packs - Create seperate 'packs' of death messages that users can gain acces too via permissions. Previewing System - Allows users to preview the death messages before they purchase it Simple Menus - All death message packs can be viewed and select in a simple and...
  15. kMagic

    kHelper | The best auto-moderation plugin on the market! 1.1.9

  16. ABDevs

    Colorized Deluxe Chat | Themes for Deluxe Chat 1.0.0

    Colorized DeluxeChat comes with Mesmerizing Chat themes pre-configured for DeluxeChat. The Beautiful Chat Themes you only dreamed of! and many more... DeluxeChat PlaceholderAPI LuckPerms Rename your preferd config file to config.yml and paste it in the DeluxeChat folder...
  17. yazon_pro

    SALERevChat Hex colors, Unlimited Tags & Chat colors, Mentions, MESSAGING SYSTEM, GUI 2.0

    Features: Unlimited Tags Unlimited ChatColors PlaceholderAPI support Fully configurable in-game reload command Mentions Ability to turn on/off mentions Ability to turn on/off notifications sounds via command (/sounds) Ability to to turn on/off your private messages via command (/tpm)...
  18. iStudLioon

    ChatEmojis 2.0.2b34

    Chat Emojis is a lightweight plugin that replaces emoticons with 'emojis'. Chat Emojis allows you to add your own emojis in the config file and supports multiple emoticons, random emoji selection, and regular expression capturing. Chat Emojis comes with 36 default emojis including all of the...
  19. Sagacious

    SimplexChat 1.1.0

    IMPORTANT! LuckPerms placeholders from PlaceholdersAPI will only work if you install their extension! You can easily do it by running /papi ecloud download LuckPerms and /papi ecloud reload!
  20. L

    LevitateChat | All-In-One Chat Plugin 1.0

    LevitateChat is a all-in-one chat plugin that gives features from many different plugins and puts it all in one, things ranging from basic antiswear/antispam to staffchat, and automatic messages. Full Updated Feature List: AutomaticMessages AntiSpam AntiSwear ChatToggle ChatClear ChatFormat...
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