chest icons

  1. Aelin

    Super Themed Chest & Keys - 16 Unique Icons 1.0

    A brand new pack of fun themed chest and keys to sell any number of themed crates! Sell sea-themed items in our sea crate, battle themed items with our monster crate, diamonds and riches in our gem crate and enchantments in our fairy crate! With this pack you have more freedom than ever before...
  2. Aelin

    21 Icon Launch Pack - Ranks, Tiers, Potions and Items 1.0

    The perfect well-rounded bundle for any Minecraft server to start up their brand new Buycraft website. This package includes 21 unique Buycraft icons, with 5 hand-drawn character ranks and 5 tiered banner icons. Use these for anything you can imagine - sell tiers of kits, or ranks, or add your...
  3. FiftyWalrus

    PixelMine | Chest Icons 1.0

    High quality chest icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection. Contact me for quick and easy designs or variations: Kalvin#7515
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