clearlag configuration

  1. HydenMC

    [50% SALE] TheArchon Style ClearLag (ClearLag) 1.0.0

    TheArchon Style ClearLag This is a configuration, not a plugin. With hours of work, this TheArchon Style ClearLag configuration will bring you a high-quality experience. It is configured to give an amazing experience when used! If you see any errors please contact me! Proof Of Ownership:
  2. Sideliner

    ClearLag Configuration | Highly Optimized | Unique Designs 1.0.0

    This configuration for ClearLag is literally saving your server. Lag Clear Preview: Features: - Primed TNT no longer gets cleared - Falling Blocks (Such as sand) no longer get cleared - EXP. is no longer cleared - Fixed the Honorable default messages - ClearLag no...
  3. ArnorF

    High-QualityClearlag Configuration1.8-1.13 1.1

    ⭐️High-Quality⭐️Clearlag Configuration✅1.8-1.13✅ This is a Clearlag configuration made by MythicSetups. It has multiple configurations in one and it has multiple color options for each config. If you need support please scroll to the bottom of the page to see our contact info. ScreenShots...
  4. Kappios

    Eye Popping ClearLag Configuration CHEAP | REVAMP

    • Warnings at 60 & 20 seconds • Broadcast items cleared • Hoppers transfer 5 items per second • No limit on player speed or mob-breeding • Default view range of entities • Overlord precautions not enabled CUSTOM: Wanting other colors? PM me on here or discord (Kappios#7314) to get...
  5. OMGItzNick

    [FREE] [HQ] ClearLag Configuration Custom Messages v1.0

    Hey MCM, Today I'm releasing my ClearLag Configuration. This configuration is based upon a Factions server, but can be used for other gamemodes! If you have any questions, please message me! If you decide to download this resource, please leave a short review below to help me out as I'm...
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