clearlagg config

  1. KingdomSurge

    ClearLagg Fully custom config Clean design Multiple Colours 1.16.x + 1.0

    Use this custom ClearLagg config design to give your server a professional and clean look! -- If you would like help changing the name from "SERVERNAME" to your servers name then either add me on discord [ JU6#0420 ] or message me on McMarket. I also do private config work -- Price £1 //...
  2. ThaMango

    [HQ] ClearLagg Configurations | x3 Styles v1.0

    | ClearLagg | Created by TheHumax_ Note: You will get a folder containing 3 folders each containing a different stlye, All you need todo is replace your current config.yml with the one in the folder. Clears all hostile mobs + entities on the ground. Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 If you have...
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