1. VirtualSetups

    3-in-1 PackClueScrollsX, Ultra-Achievements & BattlePass+ 1.7

    REQUIRES BATTLEPASS, ADVANCEDACHIEVEMENTS & CLUESCROLLS! How about try it first? IP: If you owned Ultra-Achievements already, buy ClueScrollsX and get this for free! If you owned ClueScrollsX already, buy Ultra-Achievements and get this for free! ClueScrollsX...
  2. VirtualSetups

    ClueScrollsX300+ Pre-made Clues for ClueScrolls 2.0

    THIS REQUIRES CLUESCROLLS. CHECK DEPENDENCIES BELOW FOR MORE INFO! This is a pre-made clues configuration for ClueScrolls with over 300+ clues to solve that include over 60+ unique riddles. DEPENDENCIES THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY PLUGINS. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT INDEPENDENTLY FROM SPIGOT...
  3. electro2560

    ClueScrolls [1.8 TO 1.18] [250+ clue types] NEW Default Config + Rewards!!! 4.6.7

    Clue scrolls is an amazing plugin to use on your factions, survival and even prison servers! You can create clues in the config to be used on the scrolls. The default config contains 3 tiers of scrolls and 200+ clues! When a player completes all the clues of a scroll they will automatically...
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