color shuffle

  1. MCCharity

    [Pack] 5 Minigame Arena (Spleef, TNT Run, Color Shuffle, and More) RELEASE

    5 Minigame Arena Pack Cost: $2.65 Non-exclusive Includes: 5 Minigame Arenas Notes: Arena area is 25x25. Designed to support a variety of minigames. Can be used for Spleef, TNT Run, Color Shuffle, and more. Void is underneath the arena. You are able to modify the arena areas in order to...
  2. F

    Color Shuffle Lobby [FREE!] 1.8-1.11

    Hi this is a Color Shuffle Lobby I made a few weeks ago. If anyone is interested in it feel free to download it and use it for your server. Vouches & donations are appreciated! :) Enjoy! Feel free to leave your suggestions below.
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