command executor

  1. B

    Villagercreation | Rewardsystem | Customizable 1.6

    Hello. This is my first official Plugin i hope you like it. This Plugin is primary made for a Monthly or Daily Reward. But you can use the Villager for nearly everything. To create a Villager use the /createvillager command. But first you need to create him in the config. Everything is...
  2. DarkKnights22

    UltraExecutor Execute Commands With Delays! [1.8-1.13] 1.1

    UltraExecutor is a simple plugin which allows you to execute any commands via the console with a delay! You can define the commands + the delay for each command in the configs! -Console Commands -Delays -Supports all 3rd party plugins Found a bug or want a feature added? Join our Discord...
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