1. lawa

    Hiring All Positions | Pixel-RPG Network | Developers And Helpers/Mod Needed

    ⚔ Pixel - RPG Staff Recruitment ⚔ Pixel RPG is an upcoming Minecraft server, we are looking for some experienced staff for our minecraft project You can apply for all the post as of now, links are given below, please fill them honestly and ONLY IF YOU USE DISCORD (Join our discord server in...
  2. KudaXD

    ☁ CLOUD CRATES CONFIG ☁ Skyblock / Survival Compatible - 1.8 - 1.18

    Hey there MC-Market I am now selling my CloudCrates configuration files for skyblock. This was done completely by me and if you are interested in this purchase, then lets continue! Make sure you follow all the requirements necessary and make sure you know everything about this before buying...
  3. Achlon

    Cubix Services | Configuration Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  4. KudaXD


    Hey, I am looking for a config for the Battle Pass plugin that is for skyblock. I don't want the crappy "Break Coal Blocks" or "Plant 100 Saplings" or "Kill 10 pigs" crap. I'm talking things like "Win 25 Chat Reactions" "Use /discord" "Vote for our server" "Talk to 25 NPCs" and stuff like that...
  5. DocDrewskii

    ElementalSkies | Recruiting a Configurations Specialist | Hourly Pay | Un-Paid Trial Period

  6. I

    Looking for a developer, builder and gfx designer

    I am looking for a developer, builder and someone to make gfx for my server. Below are some of the requirements and expectations. Payment will be discussed in dms. If you are interested and believe you can meet our needs then add me on discord satan#9999. Developer Ability to setup databases...

    Hexl Services configuration service | Free and Paid | Looking for Staff members & Freelancers

    Create a ticket at our Discord server to order our services: Portfolio: Coming Soon! Website: Coming Soon!
  8. P

    Will do minecraft config / discord bot coding

    I have some premade lobby, login, bungeecord servers both for online or offline mode. Price is negotiable and I will do smaller jobs for discord nitro. I have some premade lobby, build, login, bungeecord servers to sell also. I write discord bots in TypeScript and use firebase as database. I...
  9. MT inc

    [SuperiorSkyblock2] Configuration modern and simply to use [FR + EN] 2.1 BETA

  10. ExtremePlayerX

    future testing servers

    This server will have all the plugins and configurations from me, to show the community a little of my work
  11. WorldLyf

    Looking for a developer partner

    Hello! I'm WorldLyf and am looking to start a server. I have a lot of experience in managing players and servers but less so on the technical side. I am in the middle of building my own dedicated server with an i7 8700k and 32GB of ram. So server performance and hosting will not be an issue. I...
  12. EvenX

    ✅ EvenX Services | Quality, Affordable, Reliable & Fast Configuration | 100% Success & Satisfaction Rate

    Summary Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. If you would like to talk with me or hire me for a commission. Send me a DM on discord: EvenX#9984 /
  13. PlusCreations


    If you want to contact me for a quote, or have any questions, I am available through Discord! My Discord My Website My CV/Resume TOS is viewable on my website. Free support on the final product up to 15 days after completion. (This does not include major edits!)
  14. PinguinoClapsYou


    Getting started with this SkyWars Setup is easy - there are preconfigured Ranks, and all you need to do is replace the scoreboard's name and server's logo! This setup includes solo and team play modes, unlockable kits, and numerous benefits for VIPs. Below you can see some of the features of...
  15. Obviouslee

    [Requesting] Long Term Configurator

    Hello! I am currently searching for someone who will take a volunteer position as a Developer on my server. My server is an RPG-based server with many unique ideas and features that have never been seen before! We are currently undergoing maintenance to fix some of the big issues and make it a...
  16. theassassin611

    ShopGUI+ has failed and now I need help

    I own an SMP server that collectively has 39 plugins, one of which is ShopGUI+ Premium. Until yesterday, the plugin worked fine, and with no major changes or add-ons from the day that it failed--I am lost. I usually can re-configure and fix issues but this is over my head. Some notes/context...
  17. Olieeeee


    HELLO! Welcome to my thread, this is just going over my offer since we're now looking for configurators. Unfortunately, me and my other dev partner can't solo configure the whole server anymore. It took a huge toll on our life! We do have an established sever, we currently are running a small...
  18. Bricec6

    🦄 SUPERIORSKYBLOCK2 - MULTI-COLOR | EN-FR [1.17-1.18 ] | (Best Seller) 1.0 ✲ PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH • ✲ PRESENTATION IN FRENCH • Discord • Bricec6#6204 ✲ It is forbidden to resell the resource ✲ It is forbidden to claim to be the author of this resource ✲ It is allowed to be installed on...
  19. Hyronic Studios

    SUPREME ICONS PACK | 100+ Unicode, Texture icons with ResourcePack 1.0.1

    NOTICE: This is a configuration pack, not a plugin, please read the README carefully. ‎🚀100+ Icons: Yes, you heard it right, 100+ icons! And it does not even end there, as many many more are planned in the future updates! 🎨HEX Colors Tags: Bring even more colors to your server! With...
  20. PapaWulf

    Wulfys Setups & Configurations | Reasonable Pricing | Fast Workflow | Impeccable Quality

    Resume Portfolio Vouches (Coming Soon) In the meantime check out their discords! NostalgicRealms | UnrealCraft | PokeLumia 1644530417 Offering 2 vouch copies of a short-term service! 0/2
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