1. WinkzyMC

    ✨ Zergo Studios | Configuration, Setups, Plugins | FAST & EFFICIENT ✨

  2. WinkzyMC

    ✨ Zergo Studios | Configuration, Setups, Plugins | FAST & EFFICIENT ✨

  3. WinkzyMC

    ✨ Zergo Studios | Configuration, Setups, Plugins | FAST & EFFICIENT ✨

  4. cqki

    ⚡ | Simple Looking TAB Config | ⚡ 5 different colors

    Hello ! Are you looking for a Tab config? Do you want to make one for yourself but you dont have any ideas or you just simply dont know how to make one? In that case, you are on the right place! I made a nice looking Tab in 5 different colors, if you need anything custom by your wish you can...
  5. RamenBTW


    Hello everyone I am looking for a configurator as you can see I am not just looking for just anyone. I am seeking someone that can do the work and the quality is upward like VanityMC, Pvpwars, ComsicPvp and many well know servers. I ask if you are interested in the position you show me your past...
  6. KudaXD

    Looking for a FULL TIME Developer! | 20% Equity of Server + Insane Growth!

    Hey there! I am a friend & manager of the YouTuber Swurv's Minecraft network. I am here today seeking a developer that can be a full time developer and can be dedicated and active. If there are any issues in your life that prevents you from doing something we would request communication...
  7. P

    Looking For Dedicated People To Join My Skyblock Server's Development/Configuration Team

    Hello everyone! I just started the next big Vanilla Skyblock server. I am a veteran server owner who has made numerous popular modded minecraft servers with a strong size player base. I am looking for people who will be dedicated to joining this long lasting and soon to be popular skyblock...
  8. Nebula Service

    Nebula Services | Looking for Configurators

    Nebula Services is looking to expand their business. Nebula Services is a newly established team with fast support, quality products, and dedicated management that will satisfy both freelancers and customers REQUIREMENTS • Must Be Active Taking On Commisions. • Must have at least 1 year of...
  9. CodesterDubs

    ✨ Dubs Setups ✨ - Professional Setup Services

  10. samixshady

    🔥Cheap server setup service🚀Plugin Configuration🔖Front-End/Back-End Setup🔥

    Accepting commission for creating Minecraft server from scratch according to your needs! Also doing plugin config /front & backend setup /Server optimization for better TPS. I specialize in the following gamemode creation 1) Survival ->With dungeons (Custom Mobs and Boss) and player ranks 2)...
  11. Amphetamine

    ☄️ Amphetamine's Configs ☄️ Unique, Professional, Affordable ☄️ Vouch Copies! ☄️

    As of right now, I do not have any work to showcase - therefore, I am offering vouch copies to people whose MC-Market profile is at least 2 months old. I do not offer any extreme plugin configurations for vouch copies.
  12. Achlon

    Cubix Services | Configuration Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  13. Achlon

    Cubix Services | Server Setup Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  14. AdyK

    [Paid Job] Hiring Minecraft Server Configurators For A Project!

    HexlServices Hiring 2 Professional Configurators For a Big Project! Requirements -> Must have portfolio! Must be a individual or a duo we don't need more than 2 people! Must have past experience shouldn't be a newbie. Its gonna be a big project so professionalism and maturity is a must thing...
  15. Sir_Craftypants

    [Vehicles] Aeroplane Pack for Itemsadder V1.0

    Pack Includes: 2 Types of Aeroplane, each in 16 different colours. 1 Itemsadder Configuration File 1 preset Itemsadder Category. The Models in this pack do not require a custom texture as they use Minecraft textures instead. Have a question? Contact me on Discord - sircraftypants#4875...
  16. P

    Looking to Buy a Survival Server Setup

    Looking to buy a survival server setup, ideally something already pre-made that can be tweaked to suit my needs. I'll accept any suggestions for a completed server setup package or custom server setup. Flexible budget, depending on the complexity and quality of the work. I will pay for all...
  17. Sir_Craftypants

    [Cosmetics and Tools] Ender Set for Itemsadder v1.6

    I present my first ever themed Cosmetic Pack inspired by the Ender Eye. Pack Includes: Shield, Armor, Sword, Tools, Helm, Head, Bow, Crossbow, Fishing Rod, Vehicle The Models in this pack do not require a custom texture as they use Minecraft textures instead. Have a question? Contact me on...
  18. EvenX

    ✅ EvenX Services | High quality, reliable & affordable.

    Summary Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. If you would like to talk with me or hire me for a commission. Send me a DM on discord: EvenX#9984 /
  19. Duck

    ☁️ Optimal NameMC Linking ☁️ 1.8 - 1.17 ✨ Unlimited Rewards✨ Optimized [$7.5]

  20. United Lands

    ✨ $50 WEEKLY ✨ Looking for Administrators - United Lands

    WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING APPLICATIONS Hello! Litning11 of United Lands here, happy to share with you all this amazing opportunity :) Who are we? United Lands is a geopolitical Towny server for Java and Bedrock that strives to bring a unique experience to everyone. This is done by integrating...
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