1. WizWazWizard

    Custom Quest Plugin

    I want a unique and organized /quest plugin, having more interesting features and laid out well (and can be configured for later adjustments + made for long-lasting adventure). So similar to "Advanced Achievements": The quests include basic quests such as blocks, animals, gathering related...
  2. epiq.shiNNNzu

    Configuring various minecraft servers

    In short let me tell you about my experience with minecraft servers and making them. My first contact with minecraft was in 2015, when I saw a minecraft game on the famous joutuber ever since, and I decided to take it off right away. When I downloaded minecraft, I saw that this game had not only...
  3. n8ful


    About the Setup: This is very much considered a "startup and done" setup. This setup consists of a BungeeCord setup where all you need to do is type your servers IP addresses in the BungeeCord config file. The servers included with the setup are the Hub, Survival, and Skyblock servers, which are...
  4. sofiamor

    I configure lobbys, creatives and survivals

    Are you making a server? Okay do not worry! I help you for little money. Configuration and development Servers in a short time. Lobbys: Gadgets, Conect Servers, details and more! Creatives: Plots, Economy, Gadgies, funny menus, getting married, Permissions and more! Survival: fun menus, economy...
  5. H

    Fully Functional Used Minecraft Server (Files)

    Hey, My names Hydrinx and I'm a twitch streamer looking to get a minecraft server to stream with viewers on. I am looking for a completed minecraft server with everything, including all worldguarded/protected spawns/warps, pre-configured permission ranks including staff and donator ranks and...
  6. AbsolutVodka

    ♚ Factions Server/ Full configured/ No bugs! Cheap price.♚

    Custom Factions Server | AntiGriefing | Configured | Support if you need Download it here!: Screenshots #1 Screenshots #2 **LOOKING FOR IDEAS** Future updates: Better spawn More warps More kits More Awesome plugins ------------------------------ -Fully...
  7. Viktov

    Baobab Network - Playerbase Factions / Survival / Parkour / Creative / SkyWars

    Hello everyone, I'm Viktov, founder and main developer of Baobab Network, an amazing spanish network. I'm sad to announce that I'm selling the network, because it's been a lot of effort made and countless hours dedicated to this community since May 2016, but due to the lack of time I'm forced to...
  8. N

    Selling Hardcore Factions Pre-Setup 24/7 $9.00/month

    Hello. My name is Neko_Alex and I am selling my server that is preconfigured and all ready for sale. It is the once know Hardcore Hungry Factions. My skype name is nathan.alex27 and I am selling this server for only $9.00 per month. It has 2GB SSD, 2GB RAM, 3.8 GHz CPU power, and unlimited (999)...
  9. System31

    1.8 Prison Server - Working - FILES ONLY - $30

    Hello. Today I am selling a 1.8 fully working prison server with a few custom plugins and a good history of donations. In my opinion, $30 is a bargain for this server because it comes with: Ranks A-Z plus Prince Queen King Free Some premium plugins (FeatherBoard and a few more) Plotworld Custom...
  10. C

    CosmicCube Network (CHEAP) (HUGE DEAL)

    Hello there everyone! My name is CosmicCakeMC, the owner of the CosmicCube network. I am here to sell the network to anyone that would like to take it over. It is unique and is a very cool and sophisticated server. Here are the details: Selling For: 182.19$ USD The Price Can Go Lower, Just Give...
  11. AeusS


    Hi ! So today i will be selling my full HCF premade server that i configured with the map (only the overworld)! :) He is some screens : Plugins : All of it for only 15€ !!!! :D My skype : tinkoo.minkoo1 (Only paypal.)
  12. Revrtz

    GrimPvP Factions ( Fully Setup )

    Hello, My Name Is Drew. I am Selling GrimPvP Factions. GrimPvP is a fully setup factions server. It was never released. Fully Configured Files, Custom Spawn. BIN: $25. Test Server IP: [1.7/1.8] Feel free to PM me for my Skype. Have a nice day!:tup:
  13. Gimzy

    Configuring files for people (Cheap)

    Hello guys, I am new to the MCMARKET and don't have very much rep. Although I have some time on my hands and have a lot of experience configuring files for my server. So I'm sure I can do some for other people. My prices are negotiable based on the plugin and the amount of plugins. please...
  14. Ravaged Tech

    Config Service

    Hey! If you need a frustrating and time-consuming config sorted, I believe I can do them for cheap prices! I have experience with server development and setups and I was inspired when someone asked me to do a shop config. No config will be too hard. I have some examples of plugin configs I...
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