1. G

    i need a ready-made practice core

    I'm looking for a ready-made practice core (better with a essential core hooked into it) The core is unnecessary to be a custom or custom-coded one,but you need to accord to these rules: 1.You must got the ownership of the plugin to sold me 2.The plugin can be taken from a server that used to...
  2. _krqn

    Looking for a prison core

    Hello , I am looking for a core for my prison server and the features I am looking for are: Ranks Tokens Infinite Prestiges Private mines Mines Token and Money multis Prestige commands , Like maxprestige and no lag on it so u can maxprestige much prestiges without any lag. Pickaxe levels...
  3. EvenX

    🌠DeluxeHub Configuration | 🐝HiveMC Theme | 🏅Game Selector | 🔆Player Hider | 📡All in one core! 1.0

    Disclaimer This resource only provides configuration files, not .jar files. All plugins needed are FREE and linked inside the resource folder (links to the plugins). You can also check out DeluxeHub here. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me on discord!
  4. Benzimmer

    Destroy The Core (1.7-1.18) 1.0

    This plugin allows you to have an event where teams/players compete to destroy the core x number of times. The objective is to capture the core by breaking a block x number of times before other teams/players do this first. The winning team or player can be rewarded with items, commands, and...
  5. fqcus

    Vortex Dev | Offering high quality spigot optimization | Quick support & fast service

    Vortex Development is offering custom spigot optimization for 1.7.10 & 1.8.9 spigots. We can make a fully custom spigot or modify an existing one with sources. Quick support comes in for free even after the job is fully completed. Despite the main work, we can add any of your needed wishes to...
  6. gtx1070

    Offering Minecraft Plugin Development! (Doing small projects for a vouch)

    Offering development services! Ever needed Small or Huge Plugins Discord bots Websites AntiCheats for your Minecraft Server? Message me! Discord: gtx#4649 or on here I've been working with java for about five years, and I started developing spigot plugins about 3 years ago. I have...
  7. Plantasaur

    Looking for Full-Time Developers for my network (1.7/1.8 PvP)

    Hello, We are looking for full time developers for our network. Our network is going to include a competitive practice server and FFA. We are looking for an experienced developer who can provide us with custom coded plugins for our specific needs, that we will clarify in detail if you are...
  8. rusekh

    Factions Gamemode sourcecode for sell

    Hello, im selling a sourcecode of project that I coded last year. Its a gamemode for Factions server with many extras. Price: 300$ (can negotiate) Proof: In this you have: Redis communication (for sectors communication) MongoDB (for store player data) Sectors Backups (to restore players to...
  9. will8

    Selling Verio Network ( including GFX, domain and SRC

    I'm here to sell Verio Network, which was originally made back in 2019 (domain: I've been the only Owner of Verio since its beginning, which means its never been sold before with this being its first time. In all the time I've owned Verio, it has always had a friendly community with...
  10. antoness

    [👑] AETHERS HUB CORE [🆕] [1.7 - 1.16 SUPPORT 🌐] 1.0.1

    AETHERS HUB CORE: This hub core was made as an all-in-one package! Wekkly updates and 24/7 support on our discord server! Test Server & Support: PHOTOS: PERMISSIONS & COMMANDS: PLACEHOLDERS: PRICES: JAR: $5 SRC: $50 PROOF OF OWNERSHIP:
  11. R


    Im currently selling an out-dated core of mine, has most basic features such as granting, ranks, punishments, tags, playtime, settings, ignoring, even has disguises, that were built with the spigot. NameMC tag claiming, staff join alerts, fast leave join prevention, i have two versions of this...
  12. N

    Custom Practice Core Needed; Looking for Developer/s

    Hi, I am currently looking for a custom coded practice core with source code to be sold exclusively to me/my server. If anyone is interested I am looking for these features: Ranked/Unranked queues with ELO system, all basic modes, plus a few other modes. Easy to configure queues, must be...
  13. Aarow_

    [OWNERSHIP] Hub - Cosmetics - Queue System - Timers - Captcha - Config

    I'm selling OWNERSHIP of this plugin, plugin is named Nobelium, because i want to get rid of it, and i don't really need it at all. SELLING OWNERSHIP OF NEW HUB WHICH IS BASICALLY LIKE THIS ONE, DM ME FOR MORE INFO. Starting Bid: 25$ Bid Increment: 5$ But It Now: 45$ There are total of 7...
  14. B

    HyperCore | Very necessary! 2021-12-28

    Functions: - Gamemode (1,2,3) - Spawn - SetSpawn - DelSpawn - JumpPads - BlockCommands - Broadcast - ClearChat - Fly - Msg - SocialSpy - Anti Build (Yes or No) - Anti Place block (Yes or No) - Motd Gamemode: Command: /gm (1,2,3) Permission: hypercore.gamemode.(1,2,3,*) Spawn: Commands...
  15. _krqn


    Hello , We are looking for a prison core for our server we currently dont have an budget or deadline. What we need to include in the core is this: Ranks & Prestiges (Unlimited Prestiges) Private Mines (or normal mines, still undecided) Custom Enchants (with customizable Pickaxe Upgrade GUI)...
  16. PxLib

    MagicalCore alpha [FREE] 1.0.2

    PLUGIN IS STILL IN THE ALPHA STAGE FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE CHAT HEX CODE SUPPORT Required plugins: ( Vault ) Plugin is mostly out for testing. Tested versions: 1.17 COMMANDS - /day Command - /night Command - /pl aka /plugins Command - /gmc /gm1 - /gms /gm0 - /gmsp /gm3 - /gma /gm4 - /fly /flight -...
  17. iNickko

    Prison Core Plugin

    Hey MCM, I'm currently looking for a prison core plugin for a new server of mine. I would like it to include the following; Ranks & Prestiges (Unlimited Prestiges) Private Mines (or normal mines, still undecided) Custom Enchants (with customizable Pickaxe Upgrade GUI) Tokens Multipliers...
  18. Neptune Services

    HubCore 1.0

    AceHubCore is a hub core made for every hub there is its optimized and good for every server its 1 plugin with almost everything that a hub needs which is very Usefull the plugin it self is fully configurable and is ez to setup. Feutures DoubleJump Golden Presure plate booster 3 Scoreboards PvP...
  19. sysdm

    Looking for experienced developer to help me with a prison core [PAID]

    Hello! My name is sysdm, and I’m looking for an experienced developer (that preferably has experience with coding prison plugins) to help me out on a prison core. The core is in bet, and has some bugs that then we’d fix together. Regarding payment, we would be selling the plugins in our server...
  20. Hely Development

    Pulsar Bungee Essentials (3$) | Reliable 1.3-SNAPSHOT

    Discord Support: Features: • Highly Optimized • Fully Configurable • Donator Chat • Staff Chat • Admin Chat • Owner Chat • Report Command • Request Command • Broadcast Command • Hub Command (Multi-Lobby Support) Systems: • Private Messages...
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