crazy enchantments


    ⚡ MS | Crazy Enchants Config | Custom Menu | Cooldown System V1.1

    MS Crazy Enchants is one of the most powerful crazy enchants configuration. All of these features is custom made by me and most of them is also an original idea from me. • CrazyEnchantments MUST HAVE SPIGOT | DEV BUILD (Recommended) • LuckPerms MUST HAVE SPIGOT • DeluxeMenus MUST...
  2. ToosieDX

    [1.18.X - 1.8.X] CRAZY PACKAGE | Crates | Auctions | Custom Enchantments | Unique Design 1.9

    (Click Here) [+] This package contains three unique configurations for the following plugins: Crazy Crates (1.8.X - 1.18.X) Crazy Auctions (1.8.X - 1.18.X) Crazy Enchantments (1.8.X - 1.18.X) [+] Custom Design for all configs. Crazy Crates Features: [+] There are 17 premade crates in this...
  3. R

    Crazy Enchantments Setup (BETA) 0.1

    Simple but Good Crazy Enchantments Setup with a Good GUI & Layout! Updating all the time
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