creative spawn

  1. N

    Eastern Hub [ 100x100 ] | Perfect for lobbies 1.0.0

    ♦ OVERVIEW ♦ This product is a 100x100 Eastern Hub Build which is very sleek, and easy to use and modify. It's designed to be a Hub, with lots of places for NPCs. It can also easily be used for a Skyblock spawn, Creative spawn, and much more! [ You will obtain a schematic file ] ♦ SUPPORT ♦...
  2. BrettPlayMC

    Creative Spawn - Unique & Nature Themed 1.0

  3. StomexFliser

    [5,99] Creative spawn - Eleisa- 1.13+

    A creative spawn which you can customize with a different color. It has a place for holograms and 2 custom npc's. It is not exclusive, but if you want to buy it exclusive we can discuss that My discord is: Stomex#9189
  4. Arphire

    [HQ] 170x170 Creative Spawn 1.0

    Greatly detailed creative spawn If you bought this build you have access to modify all you need.
  5. Callet

    50x50 Fantasy Plot World Spawn! 2018-03-19

    This is a 50x50 Fantasy Plot World Spawn This spawn was originally made for a prison server but could be used for creative and many more gamemodes!
  6. ClockPvP

    Creative Spawn

    Hello MC-Market, Today I am selling this creative spawn, it can be used for a creative server where players spawn. I am selling with full resell rights. All other information you will need can be found at the bottom of the thread. _______________________________________ Starting Bid - 1$ BIN...
  7. SkyBuild

    (SOLD) [Exclusive] ⭐ Premium Spawn --Survival/Faction/SkyBlock --⭐ (Very Detailed!)

    ⭐ PREMIUM SPAWN --SURVIVAL/FACTION/SKYBLOCK -- ⭐ ❦ (FANTASY / MEDIEVAL) ❦ ⛏ SKYBUILD. This is spawn for Survival, Faction, Skyblock and other type of server (Like Creative and other), the theme is Fantasy and Medieval. This spawn fits perfectly to the needs of all users to entry into a some...
  8. Ichar

    300x300 Creative or Server Spawn | HQ | $1.75 | Auto-purchase |

    This build can be purchased automatically through Sellfy. This is a non-exclusive build. Screenshots: Proof of ownership: 3d Model of the build (It's a little buggy at the moment, but it still provides a good look at the main tower)...
  9. 85p Builder

    An Industrial Creative Spawn - $10

    Small 75 x 75 Industrial Creative Spawn I'm selling this small industrial creative spawn for $10, please feel free to comment or message me for further information. - 85 :)
  10. prophetofanger

    Epic Spawn - High Quality!

    Exterior ^ Exterior (different angle) ^ Interior ^ Birds eye view ^ Proof ^ Selling for $35! DOESNT come with plots! We built this spawn with the intent that we where gonna open a creative server but that never happend (thats why its in a plot world and says plots on it, but we can...
  11. dejounte

    300x300 Minecraft 'Kraken City' Server Spawn

    ★ Minecraft Kraken City Spawn ★ A flexible, charming, enticing Minecraft spawn This map was built and originally sold by the reputable user Monrael. All credit of this build goes to him, all images and cinematics were produced by Monrael. The original selling thread can be viewed here. Images...
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