1. B

    Help Needed!! BrandNew Modded MineCraft Server!!

    Im looking for a few more staff members that are good with mods and plugins. im also looking for builders. This will Be a modded minecraft server. The core of the server is setup. Mods are loaded and so are the basic plugins. Some positions will be paid. Others will have full commands on server...
  2. Pikatucies

    [JAN %15] Tucies Superior premade setups |⭐StrongHold Skyblock ⭐ Skylines Creative ⭐| A lot More!

    _______________ Skylines Creative _______________ StrongHold Skyblock _______________ Revived StrongHold Skyblock _______________ StormPower Skyblock Premium Minecraft Hosting for only $1.26/GB after using "NOVO2022" for %50 off discount!
  3. Pikatucies

    [Free] LuckPerms Config | Creative Server 4 Staff ranks 3 Donor Ranks | Series #1 1.1

  4. nidzoo


  5. Deathor

    BetterSpigot [1.8.8] [$2 ] The best spigot for anything! | Redstone, Knockback, Spawners, 2021-09-20

    BetterSpigot 1.8.8 BetterSpigot is the perfect spigot for any gamemode. Everything in the plugin has been extremely optimized to deliver the best performance without sacrificing anything. Features: - Custom knockback profiles - Heavy world optimizations - Heavy entity optimizations - Extreme...
  6. Pikatucies


    Try before buy Premium Animated Banner creator For Free (Personal/Commercial)!
  7. Pikatucies

    [%60 OFF] Tucies Creative [1.8-1.16]⚡ High Quality Premade Setup ⚡Marriage ❤️️ Pets ❤️️ Coffee Shop

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  8. Pikatucies

    [JAN %15] Tucies Skylines Creative (1.8 - 1.16.x) | Marriage Pets Coffee Shop 2.6.1

    Vote Crate Unique Crate ⬤ Note ⬤ Please make sure you got all dependencies plugins to make it work. Try before buy Premium Animated Banner creator For Free (Personal/Commercial)!
  9. D


    Hey Im Drippy im a well know management company that recently just joined mc market, I manage tons of servers and also grow small and big servers to huge member counts! I am also friends with Jet and also other popular owners in this community! Please dm my Manager Trendy#7681
  10. T

    Tarvos Gaming | Looking for talented builders

    Build Team Applications are now open My name is Sparrow / TwiiCe, I'm the Build Coordinator for Tarvos Gaming. At Tarvos we're looking for creative builders that do not shroom to work on big ongoing projects. Entire cities, hidden caves, dungeons and monsters are all currently in the works...
  11. JackPlayz

    BlazeTech | MC Configs + Setup | SUPER CHEAP, FAST, RELIABLE

  12. Lady_Carissa

    [Inquiring] Youtubers & Streamers for a small but long time Community

    Hi guys! I'm looking for Youtubers or Streamers, both are welcome, who would potentially be interested in creating a video for a small, 10 year old Community. You may contact me on Discord if you're interested and would like more information, Carissa#0643 ! Thank you! We would NOT like to...
  13. JoshedCraft

    ✨JoshedCraft Network✨

    ✨JoshedCraft Network✨ GAMEMODES APOCALYPSE -8 Different types of zombies -Shops -Rewards -Custom built map -Ranks SURVIVAL -Shops -Auctions -Quests -Jobs -Mob Arena -Wars -Crates -Ranks SKYBLOCK -Shops -Crates -Costmetics -Tags -Acid Islands -Skyblock Islands -Ranks CREATIVE -Building plots...
  14. S

    Looking for Staff ASAP | Survival, Skyblock, Creative, PvP, and Parkour Server |

    Hello everyone! My name is ShadyPotatoes and I am the owner of Blue Moon Network! We are looking for some friendly and loyal people who want to work and help moderate our server for the long term. Who are we? We are a java minecraft server that prides ourselves in having a close and welcoming...
  15. V 19132

    A PvP practice server for Minecraft Broken Edition! We have PvP Bots to duel! and several FFA maps, some for all devices, and some pocket edition only! We also have minigames like Skywars and Parkour. We have different ladders for ranked and unranked 1v1s, parties and spectating. We also...
  16. B

    **New MineCraft Server** Looking for More Staff**

    We are looking for staff that are active and that know the game. We are looking for staff that can go out and find players and bring them to the community. Someone that knows there way around without much help. Not looking for Devs. We could use a few more builders. Message us on discord as we...
  17. Sepiaq97

    Creative 1.12.2 - 1.16.5 [Free WorldEdit] 1.0

    Creative server »1.12.2 - 1.16.5 with free WorldEdit Server by Sepiaq97
  18. iNKViZiT0R

    Minecraft server setup

    Hello I'm selling minecraft setup with Hub,SkyBlock,Oneblock,SkyGrid,Survival,Creative (all in one) With all future updates for free Test server included for anyone, just DM me on discord iNKViZiT0R#6890 for more informations Price is 20€ via PayPal
  19. N


    we are looking for people who want to join our server, kitpvp 1.8, and survival (normal vanilla) 1.16-1.16.5. join here for more info. or you may join via
  20. Sam Conner

    GajoCraft | Creative / Design Team (Voluntary & Paid)

    What is GajoCraft Here at GajoCraft we have a vision to create an immersive RPG experience. One on Minecraft which is simple to pickup, yet bring hours of grinding gameplay. We are looking to create a completely custom gameplay experience like no other, centered around the individual player...
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