custom messages

  1. savaa.senior


    Hello everyone, I am here to offer you FACTIONS SERVER. The server is made to my taste, which I believe most will like. There are a lot of useful plugins on the server that are fully configured. I have no objections to the server. When you make a purchase of a minecraft server, as a token of...
  2. SenpaiSkidz

    BungeeCord SetupAntiBot Alerts TabList report 1.0

    Hello everyone welcome to my BungeeCord setup! this setup was based on a sample of popular HCF networks My goal is the make High-Quality setups for the cheap price one of the ways is that I'm creating this setup with minimal premium plugins and maintaining the High-Quality of the setup! ♢Test...
  3. SenpaiSkidz

    Factions SetupNo longer being updated! 1.6

    Version 1.8.8 No longer being updated! Welcome to my factions setup. This faction setup is built according to the most popular factions servers/networks. This setup has everything that you need to start your server. Players will have fun with custom enchants and with cool stuff like shockwaves...
  4. _ProfliXx

    Bolt Tweaks 1.7.X 1.15.X Custom messages | Performance BOOST | Fast support ABOUNDED

    THIS CONFIGURATION TWEAK IS NO LONGER RECEIVING UPDATES. (There is new completely updated & documented version upcoming)
  5. SenpaiSkidz

    Online donators messages 1.5

    Hello there! This is the custom plugin for online donators messages its support 1.7-1.12 mc version! Part of the SRC Config Inside of config, you can configure colors as you like! In game messages !Plugin needed to work! Discord: SenpaiSkidz#3613 Discord server: Join here Email...
  6. Shamus

    Custom Essentials Messages (Simple and Clean) 1.1

    Mainly used for 1.8.9 servers. Folder Includes different variations in different theme colors: Dark Aqua and Aqua Dark Blue and Blue Dark Green and Green Dark Purple and Light Purple Dark Red and Red Gold and Yellow White and Gray Installation: 1. Download 2. Unzip 3. Drop in Essentials...
  7. SenpaiSkidz

    HCFactionCustom Worlds Crates Gkits 5.1

    Welcome to the remake of HCFaction setup which is built on a sample of big popular servers, this server contains a lot of cool features. This setup comes with custom worlds and cool buildings a lot of cool messages added bounty hunter so players don't get bored after a few days of playing. I...
  8. ThaMango

    Custom MCMMO Messages! 4 Colors! V2.0

    ==[ Custom MCMMO Messages ]== Note: You will need to download a programme that allows you to edit .jar files such as winRAR its free. You will get 3 different colors GOLD, GREEN and AQUA plus you will get a .txt file explaining how to install the files.
  9. IRuleYou

    SavageFactions - FactionsUUID | Custom Config & Messages | 1 Theme 3.0

    SavageFactions/FactionsUUID Every factions server needs a beautiful scoreboard that has relevant information about the player's faction, custom /f who messages, faction names and relationship in the nametags and other custom messages. After purchasing this resource, hop over to this page and...
  10. Voxtility

    Essentials custom messages 5 Themes Custom Made Professional 1.0

    Use this essentials custom messages ----------------------------------------------------- Beautiful, clean formatting Fully setup Essentials messages configuration Alot of themes Custom Made Cheap / Affordable ----------------------------------------------------- AQUA GOLD PURPLE RED YELLOW...
  11. zunix


    Hey, I will be releasing my Litebans Messages. After hours of work, I've finished my first custom litebans messages! Due to being my first one, I used hours. The current colors are: Red, Purple, Green, Gold, White, and Yellow. I may be adding more colors soon. (If you want your own...
  12. Stefatorus

    Advanced Bungee Setup - Announcer Always-Online PlayerList (Serverlist) Votifier - 20% OFF 1.7-1.12.2

    Description: This bungeecord setup is fine-tuned, plug and play bungeecord setup made which incorporates interesting plugins to create a great gameplay experience to your players. Including essential plugins, but also new interesting ones, we hope this setup will satisfy your needs...
  13. clharlie

    EssentialsHQ - Beautifying Essentials - 3 Styles 2017-03-31

    If you would like to see the images clearer, please click on the spoiler below: We've spent hours on this resource, planning the colours and then configuring. We're bringing this to you at an amazing price of £5 for 3 styles. We'll constantly update the resource bringing you more and more...
  14. children

    Litebans messages.yml | Custom messages [HQ] 0.3

    Litebans custom messages! Soon more plugins like AdvancedBans and MaxBans messages are going to be added! Once you bought this config, download it, open it with NotePad++, hover "SERVERNAME" and type Your server name instead ☺ Hope this helped some people Make sure to leave a ✯✯✯✯✯ rating...
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