1. Aeon

    FREE ⚡ Punish & Rank Grant GUI 1.0

    || OVERVIEW This resource contains two DeluxeMenus configurations, one of them being a Punish GUI and the other a Rank Grant GUI. 1.14.4 and 1.18.2 have been tested and work as intended*. Any version inbetween should work too. *CommandPrompter doesn't seem to work on 1.14.4 so I removed the...
  2. MoonDark

    Grief Prevention Deluxe Menus Configuration | Simple, Easy, and Clean! 1.0

    ABOUT: This is a Deluxemenus configuration for the plugin GRIEF PREVENTION AND DELUXEMENUS. This configuration comes with a custom deluxe menus config, grief prevention config, and more! NOTE: this configuration was intended for 1.18.1 and above! Please dm me for lower versions. FEATURES...
  3. I

    ★[HQ]★ ❤DeluxeMenu Main Menu, ranks, profile, settings, social media ❤

    Hello, today I come to offer you this menu The menu is configured in Spanish, but I can do it in English without any problem, I can add or remove what you want discord contact: JonathanSH#2065 CONTAINS: ✔ Main menu ✔ Profile menu ✔ Settings menu ✔ deactivators menu ✔ Change your rank menu (this...
  4. T


    Kits Menu GUI • A clean and unique design • Adaptive GUI design, changes on click! • Unlimited Support included! • HEX / Gradient support • Title messages • MUCH MORE... [/SPOILER] Deluxe Menus - Download Here EssentialsX - Download Here TitleManager (Optional but recommended) -...
  5. T


    PLAYERVAULT SHOP • A clean and unique design! • Adaptive GUI design, changes on click! • Unlimited Support included! • Supported versions: 1.16.x - 1.18.x • HEX / Gradient support • MUCH MORE... Vault - Download Here Deluxe Menus - Download Here LuckPerms (Or any other permission plugin)...
  6. Kappios

    ⭐Atlantis Setups | DeluxeMenus | Kit GUI | 5 Colors⭐[$4,99]

    Buy the resource here The KitGUI feature is something to easily implement into your server and impress players. Lots of the bigger servers use this guis for kits as its easier to use, and increases donations by displaying donator perks. This configuration is made to be very easy to use and...
  7. Kappios

    ⭐Atlantis Setups | DeluxeTags Config | w/ ~30 Tags | Custom DeluxeMenus ⭐[$3,99]

    Buy the resource here This resource which comes with ~30 tags will give your players a reason to donate or something to work towards. These tags will also enhance your server's chat and look good to new players. Because the default DeluxeTags plugin comes with an uncustomizable and quite bland...
  8. Kappios

    ✨Atlantis Setups | Configurations Services✨Great Experience ✔️❤️

    Click here or the image to join our discord server
  9. Essence Config

    💖🤑😎 Towny Commands GUI || ULTRA CHEAP! || [EN/ES] 💖🤑😎 1.16.5, 1.17, 1.18

    Your users dont know what is the commands on Towny? You can use this DeluxeMenus Configuration to give the posibility to know about the commands can use. The configuration are in English and Spanish. When you download the product your have to chose what language do...
  10. Semify

    ⚔️ DeluxeMenus | Kits Menu | FREE CONFIG ⚔️ 1.0

  11. Semify

    🏆 DeluxeMenus | StrikePractice Menus | FREE CONFIG 🏆 1.0

  12. Jhuly

    Experienced Configuration Developer - Looking for Network.

    Hello! My name is Jhuly aka Nicolas! I'm a very experienced configuration and server developer, experienced in the SurvivalSMP and OneBlock gamemodes. I am willing to broaden my development knowledge by working on additional gamemodes. I am seeking a new Network to develop for. Experience...
  13. Shizu


  14. Semify

    ⚓ DeluxeMenus | Quests | FREE CONFIG ⚓ 3.0

  15. iTzJoelCraft


    Warps, Information, Kits, Settings, Island Panel, Links, Point Shop, Commands, Jobs and Statistics. The principal command to open menu: /menu To use this configuration correctly you must use these plugins: ➜ DeluxeMenus [Free] ➜...
  16. dominikflorczyk

    Deluxe Menus Configuration Prison Warps

    hey im paying someone to make me a warps gui with a mine-warps, donor warps, prestige mines, then after you click those it takes you to separate menus for each! hmu i can pay a decent amount we are in development of a prison DominikF#9954
  17. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Ban GUI Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ⭕ | DeluxeMenus Ban GUI | ⭕ | /w Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  18. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Vote Links | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ⭐ ️| DeluxeMenus Vote Links| ⭐️ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  19. Pikatucies

    Tucies Premade Configurations | DeluxeMenus ✦ LuckPerms ✦ AdvancedNMotd

    ✦Series #1✦ Warps✦ ChatColors ✦Backpacks ✦ RankUps Ranks ✦RankUps Kits ✦Series #2✦ Social Media ✦Rules ✦ Donor Ranks ✦ Rank Kits ✦Series #1 - Creative✦ 250 permission nodes+ ✦ 4 Staff ranks ✦ 3 Donor Ranks ✦ 1 Default ✦Series #3 - Skyblock✦ 250 permission nodes+ ✦ 4 Staff ranks ✦...
  20. Pikatucies

    [$1.19] DeluxeMenus Config Series #2 | Social Media ✦Rules ✦ Donor Ranks ✦ Rank Kits

    ✦ Social Media GUI ✦ ✦ Rules GUI ✦ ✦ Donor Ranks GUI ✦ ✦ Rank Kits GUI ✦ If you have any question don't hesitate to contact the developer: Pikatucy#9451 Tucies Community Discord (Issues & Feedback) Want help for linking it with Bungee cord ? Checkout our Tucies services *If...
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