deluxmenus setup

  1. Whxtealex

    Deluxe Menu Kits Menu 50% off! 2021-05-20

    This is an easy to use Deluxe Menu kits GUI. It has different features and everything is tested before uploaded on-site. For support join our support server! It can take some time for all the pictures to load, so please be patient! Easy to use GUI Member Kits Rank Kits Live counting Cool down...
  2. Mr.Vicious

    KitGUI 1.8-1.14 | DeluxeMenus configuration 0.1

    KIT GUI is a configuration setup that gives you high quality, & simple menus to display all kits in your server and see some general information about them. One custom setup for 1.8-1.14 Minecraft versions. ➥2 List Menus. ➥Customize easily using config.yml. ➥Kits permission based on Essentials...
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