1. Shaun

    🚧 We're working on a site [Syncore]

    Checkout what we're working on over at Syncore
  2. Ivan.

    Devnics | Graphic Design Services

    Twitter - Instagram - Website - Discord -
  3. LegacyAIO

    Mobile (iOS and Android) App Developer (Paid Position)

    Hey there! My name is Joe and I'm here on behalf of LegacyAIO and we are currently hiring an individual or team to design a mobile app for both iOS and Android for us to use with our platform. This prospect will involve designing and publishing this app for our service and also providing...
  4. LegacyAIO

    Graphic Designer (Paid Position)

    Hey there! My name is Joe and I'm here on behalf of LegacyAIO and we are currently hiring an individual to design multiple graphics and images for our us to use on our platform. This position will come with two main responsibilities which are listed below: - Designing and creating around 10...
  5. CheekyPandaBoy

    Seeking EXPERIENCED web-designer to finish a partially constructed website.

    Greetings I have started a website with another web-designer who decided to walk away from the project due to her limitations and lack of professionalism. I'm looking for a professional experienced web-designer who could quote me on the costs of finishing the work according to my needs. Due to...
  6. gridloc

    Full Brand Concept

    Getting into launching our new company, we are looking for a quality brand designer to help us plan out our branding, brand identity, and overall image for the company. We currently have a pretty good idea of what we want for the primary logo, but we need a designer to help bring that idea to...
  7. Puffn

    Arkto Digital | Graphic Design, Advertising ✅ $30 per hour ✅ Fast Turn Around

    Website: Client Area: Full Portfolio: https://
  8. Puffn

    Arkto Digital | Web Hosting at $1.50/month ✅ First Month Free ✅ Public Uptime Reporting

    Website: Store: Status Reporting:
  9. qEclipse

    Unique Profile Icon Idea / Design

    Hello! I'm Eclipse, but my real name is Ethan. I run am starting up a youtube channel and am looking for a unique icon, logo, branding design to go with it. The branding would be for the name "Eclipse" Attached below are a few examples of what I am looking for! If you have any unique ideas...
  10. SolDev

    Designs For $5

    Hey Guys, I’m New To Making Designs So… Here’s Example: Contact Via Discord: SolDevelop#1678
  11. RipperH

    Front End Developer|Front End Services|Landing Page|

    I'll be providing custom landing pages and other front end services to you for reasonable prices will be available for negotiations too you can contact me at my discord Ripper_H#4644.
  12. Liam

    ⚡ Liam's Design Services ⚡ Thread Designs, Social Media Revamps, Logos + LOADS MORE ⚡ NEW TO MCM ⚡

  13. T

    Looking for someone to make my minecraft server prettier

    I want the start up of my server (so the list that shows when you open up minecraft prettier) i want a better welcoming message and maybe some kind of custom plugin that shows the players when you tab like a cuter tab that shows how many hours played etc. Basically i just want a cosmetic makeover
  14. T

    Looking for someone To make my Minecraft server logo!

    We want to have our characters in the icon with a sunset in the background. "Use blender to get 3d renders of the server members skins then put it all together on a backdrop"
  15. C

    Server icon

    CLOSED! Hello, I am currently looking for someone to make me a logo for my server. This needs to be able to fit on a discord server icon. The server is space / cyberpunk themed and called MetaGN, so if you could add text that says Meta on it. I would need to see a portfolio of stuff you have...
  16. Citrus Design

    Last Shine Modern Thread Server Graphics %100 Editable 1.0

    Hello there, I have designed a modern, affordable, stylish server thread design that looks nice for you. If you have any problems, please contact me via my discord address. - Discord: Majoras#3286 [ ! ] If you don't know how to edit the design, I can edit it for you for 2€.
  17. S

    need help working on website

    hey i want to make my nameless website to something close to this i am new to this but i am willing to learn to do it is namelessmc the way to go for this ? also i wanted to add a /creators page where creators that work on the server share their work,make custom portfolios...
  18. adrien

    Few Background Illustrations

    Hey guys! I'm looking for someone to make backgrounds/backdrops for an animation video I'm making for a client. The style is simple / 2d. Please refer to the image linked below. We can discuss terms in DMs. Please add me on Discord: Adrien#2021 or Telegram: adrienwsr Can't wait to hear from...
  19. SoulShine7

    Simple Sword Design 1.01

    This package contains 1 image of 1200 x 1200 pixels in png format, with a resolution of 32 bits of depth and a mixture of simple colors. This is the first product I have made, hoping you like it <3
  20. MasticPlicky

    Degree Level Production For Your Server

    Hi, I'm currently finishing a degree in production and I'm looking for a server that could utilise my skills. I have advanced knowledge in video creation, music production and managing people. I'm extremely familiar with software such as: - Adobe Premier Pro - Adobe AfterEffects - Adobe...
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