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  1. Kevko_

    Discord custom bots with deadline in 3 days

    Discord bot: Ticketing system (Seperate bot) Chat moderation (purge, ban, kick, warnings), Spam & filter (Seperate bot) server statistics (Seperate Bot) Invite tracker (Seperate Bot) Leveling System (Seperate bot) Verify system (So UNDER NO POSSIBLE circumstances, bots or fake people can join)...
  2. Hype6969

    Multipurpose Discord Bot

    I can create your own custom multipurpose discord bot in the choice of yours NOTE All payments are done with US Dollar (USD), Crypto and MYR. Online banking is not supported. Pricing Private Bots (1-10 servers): Starting from $5 Private Bots (11-100 servers): Starting from $10 Public Bots...
  3. nidzoo

    [$9.99] ⚡ Champion Ultra ⚡ | ADDONS | BACKUPS | MODERATION | MUSIC | ECONOMY | GIVEAWAYS & more

    WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) https://champion-bot.gitbook.io/ultra/ SUPPORT SERVER https://discord.gg/APnKTdbM4w
  4. nidzoo

    [$9.99] ⚡ Champion Ultra ⚡ | ADDONS | BACKUPS | MODERATION | MUSIC | ECONOMY | GIVEAWAYS & more 1.1.4

    WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) https://champion-bot.gitbook.io/ultra/ SUPPORT SERVER https://discord.gg/APnKTdbM4w
  5. crynec

    ✨ Discord Mass DM Advanced Bots ✨

  6. Zorino

    LloydsTickets | Brayanbot Addon 1.5.8

    LloydsTickets is one of the most advanced brayanbot addons, tired of having unorganized tickets? Well, you are in luck as you can pick up LloydsTickets for 4.99 We currently have the following features. Buttons to create tickets Buttons to select ticket categorys Slash commands to create...
  7. Thwopsie

    In need of Multi-functional, all-purpose Discord bot

    Hi there, I am in need of a multi-functional, all purpose bot that can do the following: Link to Player's Minecraft account as well as NameMC account Ticket support system Link to a website - not immediately required Statistics Tracking linked to server Roles and User Verification Create...
  8. ThatGuyHyperz


  9. Sabrysm

    Morse code BOT (Entertainment)

    I am selling a bot non-exclusively for $2.99 Commands: --------------------- 1. /encmsg <msg> (encrypt the message to morse code) 2. /decmsg <msg> (decrypt the message from morse code) 3. a custom functionality from your choice (exclusive) if you are interested contact me or want to add more...
  10. Hype6969

    Custom discord bots

    I create custom discord bot (multipurpose) for you with cheap prices. DM me in discord (Hypæ#8040) if you want one. Pricing: We can discuss this in DMs ;)
  11. Sabrysm

    I make python bots using Hikari library

    If you are interested in a Hikari discord bot consider contacting me ~ Sabrysm#6660 1645570188 Hikari is a python library for discord which supports slash commands , buttons and more, also it is not a fork.
  12. HeavenNodes


    Welcome to HeavenNodes! We're here to provide cheap, reliable and fast hosting solutions to eliminate the overpriced and slow hosting solutions. It's time to raise our standards. Help us create a hosting community where the default is fast, reliable hardware and all prices are low and community...
  13. Mr.Khan

    TheCluster - Premium Discord Bot Development Services.

  14. saints

    I'll professionally setup your Discord server

    I'll professionally set up your discord server with bots specifically set up for the channels, will create as many categories, roles, and channels as you want for your server with revisions if necessary for the price of 10 dollars. Add me in Discord saints#3820, also I can develop custom discord...
  15. Folium Construct

    ⭐ Folium Construct ⭐ | Looking for Developers ✨

    Folium Construct We are actively looking for relatively new or professional freelancers that are able to complete commissions. We require at least 6 months of experience in Javascript or Java, 5 or more clients and a linkable portfolio. If you meet these requirements and would like to apply...
  16. GatsbyTheGreat

    Buying Verified Discord Bot (ANY bot is acceptable, as long as it's verified)

    Looking to purchase a verified Discord bot ASAP! Need it within a matter of days, ideally. Willing to negotiate on price and method of payment delivery. Very flexible. Server count, member count, and actual quality of bot are irrelevant, so long as it's verified. To reiterate, I need to finalize...
  17. lunarisdev

    Discord Bot Developer (And Hosting)

    Hi there! For those that don't know who we are, we are a Discord Bot development team (and an online hosting service). We offer bots using all the latest Discord features. Our development team has been coding for many years, and would be more than happy to make you our client! We sell these...
  18. Swqpping

    [$5.99] PLEX TICKETS | #1 Discord Ticket Bot | Buttons | Categories | Reviews | PayPal/Crypto

    Click here to purchase the bot!
  19. Xiled Emerald


  20. wolfei

    Looking to buy a Verified Discord bot

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a verified Discord bot for cheap, It doesn't actually need any code just the verified check mark. That's all. Discord: !drago#6399
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