discord integration

  1. kMagic

    kHelper | The best auto-moderation plugin on the market! 1.1.9

  2. Superbility

    Super-Report ~ 50% OFF SALE 1.3

    NOTE: Super-Report is not being updated here, check the Spigot page for recent updates Any and all purchases will be taken as a donation ➤ Overview Super-Report is an essential plugin to have in your community that allows your players to report each other for breaking the rules. It is highly...
  3. N


    EpicBans is a feather, professional and economic punishments plugin for your Spigot/BungeeCord server that have many fantastic features. » Spigot/Paper/BungeeCord Support; » 99% customizable; » Discord Integration; » SuperVanish/PremiumVanish Support; » Blacklist a country; » AntiVPN; »...
  4. Nick.

    HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault 1.1.1

    Resource Page: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/16612/ Discord User: Quartz#2809 Resource Price: $25 Discord Integration: • Sync Whenever you sync your Discord Account to your Minecraft account, your role will be transferred. • Notifications Whenever a Grant, Punishment, Report...
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