1. Omidius

    Bonus Blocks [1.12 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2

    Omidius presents... Bonus Blocks ✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦ This is a lightweight plugin designed to allow players with the permission node, "bonusblocks.use" to be able to get the chance to earn rewards each time they break a type of block set from a list in the config! Installation To install...
  2. Omidius

    Daily Reward [1.8 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2.3

    Omidius presents... Daily Reward ✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦ This is a lightweight plugin designed to give players a reason to login each day and stay for a while to reap the benefits to their daily rewards! You can customise nearly everything about this plugin to suit your server & player's needs...
  3. UGaming

    GCSimplePerks 1.1

    Simple Perks plugin for donors or any players on your server. Features Perks menu Messages and perk menu are easily editable NightVision perk Speed Boost perk Insane Hops perk (Jump boost) Fast Hands perk (Haste) Spoopyness perk (Invisibility) Tizzy edoM (Drunk/Dizzy mode)...
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