1. Anndrew

    Destroy The Core - [1.8-1.15] 1.0.8

    Destroy The Core [1.8-1.15] Players battle to destroy a core and receive rewards Fun lightweight PvP-based Event Simple Setup Process Easily setup automatic events with /dtc schedule. Leaderboard of Top Event Winners (/dtc top) Easily Set a Core By Looking at The Block Each core has different...
  2. NightLab

    [Plugin] Fast Destroy the Core - PVP 1.5.6

    Fast Destroy the Core Destroy the core is a plugin that will allow you to create different hearts that your players can break. You can configure the number of lives of the Core and the last to break it win an reward. Ideal for pvp / faction servers. Gif: Video: The plugin is fully...
  3. Throns


    Destroy The Core ~ Game Event to enhance player vs player gameplay. This add-on offers a new experience to your server, mainly recommended for pvp servers such as hard core factions, kit pvp, survival and many others! Do you know events such as King of the Hill? Well, this is another event that...
  4. Diz

    Stellar Destroy The Core | First to break the block 100 times | Configurable Start Time [$5.00] 1.1.5

    Stellar Destroy The Core Every X amount of hours a Destroy The Core event will start-up. The first player or faction to break the block X amount of times will win a configurable reward. Configure how often the DTC event starts Configure how many breaks it takes to win the event Configure...
  5. BCraft

    SETUPPvPGames SPIGOT 1.8 - 1.12 | DESTROY THE MONUMENT | RankUP 1.2

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