ender pearls

  1. Neptune Services

    NeptuneCooldowns 1.0

    COOLDOWNS This is a simple plugin implements cooldowns for Notch apples, golden apples and ender pearls. Configurations: - config.yml () Screenshots: - https://gyazo.com/2c0bad598f4f7550d912f195999629f7 Contact: - [email protected] - https://discord.gg/6AbUXhWXUb
  2. Music4lity

    NoNetherRoof 2021-11-09

    NNR has only been tested on version 1.17.1. Older versions may work, but are not supported. NoNetherRoof was originally coded for my anarchy server, but I though "Why not share it?". So here we are. NoNetherRoof is extremely lightweight and requires zero configuration. Features: Players die...
  3. ThirtyVirus

    TooManyPearls | Spice up your Teleportation 1.0

    Spice up your teleportation! What is TooManyPearls? TooManyPearls is my response to Minecraft not having a sufficient number of options for mobility. I do enjoy using vanilla ender pearls, but they are quite limited and frankly boring. The goal of this plugin is to make them useful again, by...
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