1. Deathor

    BetterSpigot [1.8.8] [$2 ] The best spigot for anything! | Redstone, Knockback, Spawners, 2021-09-20

    BetterSpigot 1.8.8 BetterSpigot is the perfect spigot for any gamemode. Everything in the plugin has been extremely optimized to deliver the best performance without sacrificing anything. Features: - Custom knockback profiles - Heavy world optimizations - Heavy entity optimizations - Extreme...
  2. fqcus

    1.7-1.8 VortexPearls 100% AntiGlitch | Tali Pearls | Pearls thru fences, slabs, stairs 5.2.1

    Information VortexPearls - The best cheapest Ender Pearl plugin that is extremely focused on fixing all glitches & bugs and adds tons of popular and custom features to make the game more interesting! Every week there is a giveaway for 1 license with very light requirements! (In our Discord!)...
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