1. Scrimblle

    DeluxeMenus | Ban GUI Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ⭕ | DeluxeMenus Ban GUI | ⭕ | /w Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  2. N

    nCore [Skript] - Essentials Commands 1.3.0

    Welcome to NCORE Skript. This is my first script that I upload to Spigot/MC-Market. Features: • Custom Join/Quit messages. • Custom join MOTD. • Spawn on Join. • Custom Setspawn. • Custom Private Messages. • Custom help command. •...
  3. Skrwildfire

    Pokemon fan game (not MC)

    So i know this is mainly for minecraft but just wondering and checking if there are any pokemon fans here. That could help if they know how to use Pokemon Essentials to help with bugs, map making and being able to implement even more new features, but any help you can offer would be great. We...
  4. ItzFabb

    💬┃ Essentials EN Config 3.4

    This is not a plugin! this is a configuration
  5. Humax

    [HQ] EssentialsX Config | 50+ Styles 3 Themes Custom Messages Custom Themes 1.8

    This resource is professionaly providing you with EssentialsX Config. It contains formatting, custom chat messages, more than 50 styles, many colors. Overall, it will make your server look clean and it's worth buying! It's the perfect resource for a clean and professional server core for your...
  6. Xcraft Networks

    [PermissionsEX] Setup and Template With Ranks! 2021-06-06

    CUSTOM PERMISSIONS EX SETUP TEMPLATE (Ready to use) Thanks for the support first of all! I greatly appreciate your interest in my work! A positive comment on the resources comment section would greatly help! I have laid out the permissions needed for most default survival setups! This setup...
  7. Emeraldx6

    aCore Premium | Core Ranks Punishments| [1.8/1.16.5/1.17] 0.7.0

    Other Features Chat Commands: /chat mute /chat unmute /chat clear /chat slow <seconds> Bypass muted: Bypass delay: Gamemode Commands: /gms <optional player> or /gm0 <optional player> /gmc <optional player> or /gm1 <optional player> /gma...
  8. Darkover

    [FREE] Ranks Configuration | PowerRanks, Essentials, AdvancedBans 2021-05-14

    Need Help? Join the discord server [Click Here]
  9. Diz

    ✧Galactic Essentials✧ Ultimate Essentials Solution! | Efficient | Customizable | [1.8 - 1.12] | $50

    Galactic Essentials is a custom essentials fork created with the MassiveCore framework, to make for a more efficient essentials plugin, with better handling, general improvements, more optimized, and a lot better looking (with more guis, easier to configure messages, etc). Main Feature List...
  10. A

    Fully customized Factions server (70+ plugins)

    Selling Fully configured server (70+ plugins) I am selling a fully configured factions server which is based in the middle of OP factions and the vanilla factions. The server has already premade groups, premade kits, and all that stuff. The server version is 1.9-1.16 But if you want, you can...
  11. oNetflix

    ✅HQ⚡EssentialsX Config - best on MCM!☄️50+ Styles☄️Custom Config & Messages ⚡Custom Chat ✅

    ⚡ HIGHLY QUALITY ESSENTIALSX CONFIGS ⚡ INTRODUCTION This resource provides you an high quality EssentialsX configuration with custom messages, settings, chat formatting, punishment designs and premade kits for your donator ranks. It's the perfect resource for a clean and professional server...
  12. Savaa (Factions,MiniGames,SkyPvP,SkyBlock...)

    Hey guys, I selling messages.en.propertes for factions,mg,sp,sb for only 2$ Who want that contact me on discord SaWZZ#1111
  13. brunyman

    Essentials MySQL Storage Extension 1.25.0

    A bukkit/spigot plugin that is an extension to Essentials and adds MySQL Database storage for users data files, works with Essentials, EssentialsX or Spigot-Essentials plugins. Tired of having 200k+ user files? Then this plugin stores everything in a database and allows you to get rid of that...
  14. Sean Poore

    Essentials worth.yml multiplier permissions!

    Hey! I'm looking for someone who can develop a small Minecraft plugin for a 1.8.8 Minecraft server. I need the plugin to tie into the essentials worth.yml folder and based on permission nodes give players sell boosters. So for example say 1 cobblestone sells for $1 if the player has the...
  15. R

    [33% OFF] Essentials Custom Messages | 14 Colors | High Quality 1.2

    If the images above is not showing please contact me! (Discord is Riverbug07#0850) Also please feel free to contact me if something is wrong with the configuration!
  16. Deividgab

    Large Project - NewEssentials - New Style of Essentials - forecast for 2021 or December 31

    NewEssentials is an improved, optimized Essentials plugin with several functions and features developed especially for today's new server models. NewEssentials has several system for activating and deactivating resources as much as Command, that is, if you do not want a command or resource just...
  17. T

    5 IN ONE! ULTIMATE ESSENTIALS SETUP 11 Themes | 8 Groups | Kits | Custom Help | Configuration 1.0

    • 11 Professional Themes/Styles to choose from for messages! • Pre-made staff and donor groups with complete permissions in Luck Perms! • Completely configured with regular expressions for bad nicknames, chat formatting and new player setups! • Comes with a custom help text with general...

    ✦ Free Configurations Service

    DESCRIPTION I'm offering a free configuration services for anyone. The goal is to get a vouch for my future project and resources and also i want to expand my portfolio. I'm a student but im studying online so i have more free time to work. PLUGIN I CAN WORK WITH DeluxeMenus • I've been...
  19. TrollingCake_

    [Free] Player Cosmetic Tags [ChestCommands Config] 1.1

    Do not waste more Memory and RAM on downloading a Tags plugin! If you have ChestCommands and GroupManager already installed, you may use these nice, lightweight tags! How it works: When you type /tag (can be changed), it shows up a GUI with many tags. If you have the required permission, by...
  20. Shamus

    6x Essentials Custom Messages 1

    Keep your server looking fresh with 6x different and simple themed essentials messages, drop and drag to install. Requirements: The latest version of essentials x Installation: 1. Download 2. Unzip 3. Drop the chosen file in the Essentials folder 4. ./ess reload 5. Done All files were created...
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