1. Med

    Excel Profit Tracker Sheet

    Hey, just looking for someone to improve my current profit tracker / expense manager made in excel. Below I attached a current picture of what the sheet looks like. I just needs columns added in the inventory input fields called "card" and "date purchased". As well as, another section for NFTs...
  2. Zodiac

    Simple Sales & Expense Tracker | Excel Setup With 13 Sheets! 2.2

    Simple Sales & Expenses Tracker A Simple Excel Sheet Setup for just 5$! Contains 13 Sheets: ✦ January Sales Sheet ✦ February Sales Sheet ✦ March Sales Sheet ✦ April Sales Sheet ✦ May Sales Sheet ✦ June Sales Sheet ✦ July Sales Sheet ✦ August Sales Sheet ✦ September Sales Sheet ✦ October Sales...
  3. noxid-evad

    (1.15/1.16) Minecraft economy price list 1.2

    Greetings fellow Minecrafters! After looking around and not really finding any suitable economy price lists to help balance economy. I decided i would go ahead and make my own version that is fully updated to 1.15.2. The idea of this excel file is to help users dictate prices and help balance...
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