1. vict2292

    MultiPass | Customizable BattlePass plugin | Up to 54 custom BattlePasses | Add your own events! 1.5

    About: MultiPass is a complex, but simple to understand BattlePass plugin, that allows you to tune and tweak the BattlePasses to cater to your playerbase. All of the challenge events have been fine-tuned to create the best server performance and avoid unnecessary hiccups. A deep and explanatory...
  2. Rhos

    Celestial Server Icon Pack [EXPANDED] 2020-03-17

    Comes with 12 icons for use as server icons (or anything else). Contains: 12 1280x1280 vector icons 12 64x64 vector icons Master .ai file README.txt While you're here, check out my thread and buy a logo if you need one! Can't afford this? Get the first five icons for free!
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