1. Deathor

    BetterSpigot [1.8.8] [$2 ] The best spigot for anything! | Redstone, Knockback, Spawners, 2021-09-20

    BetterSpigot 1.8.8 BetterSpigot is the perfect spigot for any gamemode. Everything in the plugin has been extremely optimized to deliver the best performance without sacrificing anything. Features: - Custom knockback profiles - Heavy world optimizations - Heavy entity optimizations - Extreme...
  2. fqcus

    VortexSpigot [1.8.8] The best spigot for all gamemodes | Optimized Worlds, Spawners, Explosions 4.0

    VortexSpigot - The best spigot for any type of game mode that is extremely focused on optimizing parts of the gameplay for maximum player convenience. Constant very fast and high-quality customer support. Frequent updates and giveaways in our discord. VortexDevelopment is looking for spigot...
  3. TheWGBbroz

    ExtraExplosions [SALE] 1.0

    Adds an awesome custom edge to all the explosions on your server, for only 1/2 of a cup of coffee. Installation The installation is really simple! You just download the plugin, drop it in your plugins folder, reload/restart and you're done. Video demonstration
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