faction boards

  1. Marchi

    [Sale]Featherboard Config [6 different colours] 1.3

    How to use it ? 1:after buying this you will get a zip file 2:select the color you want to use 3:Buy featherboard plugin 4: put it in your plugins folder and run server 5:go on featherboard folder and remove the config.yml 6: paste the config you bought from me 7:reload server 8:Enjoy. what i...
  2. chelsea1124

    Customly Configurated FeatherBoard | Faction-one and FactionUUID 2017-01-13

    This Custom Configuration is for the FeatherBoard Plugin. Link for plugin below. Plugins this works with: Faction-one: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/factionsone.9249/history if it doesn't work with the latest version of faction-one use the 1.2.1 version. FactionsUUID...
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