faction spawn

  1. Taking_g

    [CLOSE] [Exclusive Factions Spawn + Warzone ] » Tropical « | [900x900]

    Map Version: 1.8.x Spawn: 200x200 - Enchant - Shop - Npc - 4 Exit Warzone: 900x900 - 3 Events - 2 Organics Price: 130 € Exclusive Resell rights: Yes More information or Support: Want to buy a custom map ? Open a ticket ! Discord: Romain#1000
  2. Devysion

    Medieval Castle of King Azzuro 1.0

    Medieval Castle of King Azzurro Size: 200x200 For version: 1.8+ 6 Zone Spawn Area Website: https://www.opticalstudios.eu YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEzGCp6H2OBXTJhEKNz7zw Discord: https://dsc.gg/opticalstudios Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official.opticalstudios...
  3. Fairy Studios


    ✧ FACTION SPAWN & WARZONE ✧ Information about the construction: Spawn: 200x200 WarZone: 500x500 Version: 1.8.X ✧ PHOTOS ✧
  4. Izouku_Senpai

    Prehistory Spawn 1.8 15 $ 2021-07-02

    This is a 1.8 spawn, on the theme of prehistory, it was build by Redstorm # 8994 who gave Izouku_Senpai the rights to the map by giveaway. If you have a problem, question or need more picture or anything else. Please contact me by discord: Izouku_Senpai#9244
  5. Yidas

    OAKLEY | Factions Spawn 1.0

    OAKLEY | Faction Spawn 1.16+ | $4.99 Information & Download - Includes the build as seen in the render - The download is a .schematic file - Build is non-exclusive and does not include resell rights Have any questions? If you have questions or need any support send me a PM or add me on...
  6. BreadBuilds

    ⭐[Factions Spawn] Odysseum » 200x200 [€ 4.99]

    [Factions Spawn] Odysseum » 200x200 Size: 200x200 Nice looking spawn - Made for big and quality servers Cost: € 4.99 [BUY HERE - CLICK] (incuded interiors) Important Links: Website: https://www.breadbuilds.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/grZBrmSB8F Twitter...
  7. BedwarsParty

    | ✧ HIGH QUALITY ✧ | SciFi Factions/HCF Spawn 175x175 | Non-Exclusive | Only $6.99! |

    Feel free to join my discord server where I regularly put out new builds and map giveaways! https://discord.gg/cRq3mkYU4N Buy here: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/18747/ This factions/HCF spawn is supported by Minecraft Versions 1.8+
  8. BedwarsParty

    | HIGH QUALITY | SciFi Factions/HCF Spawn 175x175 | Non-Exclusive | Only $6.99! | 1.0

    Feel free to join my discord server where I regularly put out new builds and map giveaways! https://discord.gg/cRq3mkYU4N This factions/HCF spawn is supported by Minecraft Versions 1.8+
  9. Skefle

    60% OFF Exclusive Galactic Spawn | Crates | Parkour | Warzone | [1.9 - 1.16] 2020-11-08

    Galactic Spawn can be used for many gamemodes like: (Faction, Skyblock, KitPvP, Survival, ...) Spawn: https://ibb.co/ssSDTb2 https://ibb.co/tK59Ybd https://ibb.co/pwxxMP7 https://ibb.co/R9GdfJ6 https://ibb.co/3r9Z77V https://ibb.co/fDLRD7G
  10. Skefle

    ⚜️Exclusive Galactic Spawn ⚜️[1.8 - 1.16] 50% OFF

    One of my best spawns that you can use at different Gamemodes: (Faction, Skyblock, Survival, KitPvP, ...) For 7$ Only Discord: SkeFle#7323
  11. Xayden

    Amazingly detailed Factions spawn + Koth 1.0

    Factions Spawn by xayden! (Download of the world down below) ------------------------------------- Cordinates: -1.001, 77, 3.032 An amazing factions spawn, made for small and large scale factions servers. This download link includes 2 worlds, a version for 1.7.8+ and another for 1.14+...
  12. Mudge

    Factions | Dark Spawn | [3] 1.1

    Included: An open area which allows you to add whatever you need. A smaller, centre piece for spawning & npcs. 4 exits. Notes: Whole map is included as schematic. Upon purchase, you are subject to these terms of service.
  13. Ergon

    [$1.97] Oriental Faction Spawn * CHEAP * TRUSTWORHTY * 2020-05-22

    An oriental themed faction spawn. Enderchests added for your players to store items before they jump into the deep and battle! Size: 101x101 Theme: Oriental File: Schematic file. Please note that this build is non-exlusive and does not come with re-sell rights.
  14. Jerofox

    4 High Quality Faction Spawn | Defferent Themes [EXLUSIVE] ! 2 LEFT !

    Hi! i'm selling 4 100x100 Faction Spawn. This spawn includes spawn area, crate area, shop, and enchant area in defferent themes. Price range $25-$40 each spawn (you give me an offer). Description: A. Baroque Spawn |SOLD OUT| Size: 100x100 Theme: Baroque Version: 1.8+ >> Includes outdoor...
  15. Jerofox

    CHEAP High Quality Faction Spawn |EXCLUSIVE|

    hi! i'm selling 100x100 high quality faction spawn. this spawn includes spawn area, shop, and enchant/crate area. INFO: Size: 103x103 Version: 1.8+ Theme: Medieval Price: $25 Contact Me! Discord: Jero#7068 Minecraft Building Service: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/585447/
  16. HedgehogCrowny

    15% sale 13 SkyBlock Islands + Spawn $4.34 Schematic 1.0

    Info: Pricing: $4.34 USD Theme: SkyBlock Island / Spawn Supported Versions: 1.8+ Discord: HedgehogCrowny#5779
  17. HedgehogCrowny

    15% sale SPAWN $1.68 Schematic 1.0

    Info: Pricing: $1.68 USD Theme: Spawn Supported Versions: 1.8+ Discord: HedgehogCrowny#5779 ---------------------------------------- There is a place for crates. There is a place for NPC's There is a place for shops. + MORE
  18. NightmareGR

    Dark Faction Spawn 1.3

  19. Lulux

    Faction spawn + warzone Fire&Ice 3$ 1.0

    Today I am selling a spawn a friend of mine made. spawn is 160x160 warzone is 700x700 Fire and Ice theme Non Exclusive if you have any questions or issue please DM zProf'#2653 or Lulux#4614 on discord
  20. Matilaina

    Hub or Spawn Build! 300x300 Very detailed! 2019-11-27

    Hey! I made this beautiful spawn a while ago and I'm selling it, hope you love it. If you have any questions feel free to add me on discord at: Matilaina [Mati]#2201 It can be used for pretty much anything you need, for a hub, gamemode spawn, faction spawn, prison spawn, even for a pvp arena!. 4...
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