1. Sir_Craftypants

    [Arena] [Teams] Cathedral Build [large build] 2021-09-07

    I present my Cathedral Arena Build, created for a 2 team battle. The Arena presents 2 Garrisons adjacent to each other with a Sewer system and Cathedral in between which is surrounded by Woods and Buildings, the Sewers can be used and the Cathedral houses multiple levels, hidden area's and a...
  2. JernejTDO

    Magic Plugin [ Inactive ] 1.0

    About: Magic Plugin is a plugin with different classes which each has each own weapons and abilities. The images tell more in this case so go look under showcase. Classes: Artillery Astral Blockbuster Necromancer Yinyang There is 28 different weapons/abilities. Use case: You can use this...
  3. Polygon

    4x Seasons PvP Arenas | 1.8+ 2020-04-18

    4x Seasons Arenas Seasons come and go, explore them with these arenas built for PvP! Resell rights are NOT included - build is non-exclusive! Built using 1.8 blocks. Each pvp arenas is 51x91. Schematic is copied from the NORTH-WEST CORNER. File compressed as a .zip. Plenty of space for pvp and...
  4. timderspieler

    DeluxeCombat | Ultimate powerful combat resource for every server 1.30.2

    New features with nearly every update. So its always worth checking this list out <3 CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL COMMANDS AND PERMISSIONS ➲ COMBAT TAGGER Tag two or multiple players who are fighting Display combat progress in ACTION or BOSS-bar Execute commands on tag start / end Whitelist /...
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