1. Rappelr

    40% Off | ContainerControls | The most optimized minecraft experience | 1.8 - 1.17 v2.1.5

    Container Controls allows your players to interact with inventories more efficiently. Automating otherwise annoying tasks. Does a control feel a bit to overpowered for your server? No problem, all controls are completely configurable. How to use? Container controls are triggered by clicking...
  2. fwai

    CustomOres 1.0.1

    THIS IS OUTDATED NEW VERSION SOON \\ Custom Ores // \\ Features // - Customizable variables - 5 Custom Gems - 5 Custom Ores - 1 Major Command \\ Content // 5 new gems and corresponding ores. You can obtain both the ores and gems through admin commands. Gems can also be gotten by mining...
  3. D

    Jetpack 1.1.0

    Jetpack Installation: Unzip the file Copy the file to ".minecraft\saves\<WORLD_NAME>\datapacks", you need to replace <WORLD_NAME> with the name of you world Type /reload in your world Crafting: Throw 5 golden apples, 2 gold blocks and 16 feathers on top of each other to get your jetpack...
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