1. UGaming

    GCSpawnerGens | $1.99 for the first 5 buyers 1.1

    Completely configurable spawner gens to make any server fun! Features Small admin menu Fully configurable Breaks upon a set generator limit Configurable permissions Change the type of block, gen time, and much more Config example SpawnerGenCommand - Admin command...
  2. UGaming

    GCHeadConsumer 2.0

    Collect heads which can be eaten to gain perks! Skript remake off Hypixel's UHC! Features Small help menu Drops head upon killing a player Players with the permission can also drop their head upon command Consume head upon right click Heads are not placeable Upcoming Features and...
  3. UGaming

    GCSimplePerks 1.1

    Simple Perks plugin for donors or any players on your server. Features Perks menu Messages and perk menu are easily editable NightVision perk Speed Boost perk Insane Hops perk (Jump boost) Fast Hands perk (Haste) Spoopyness perk (Invisibility) Tizzy edoM (Drunk/Dizzy mode)...
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