1. lRusian

    cAnaligy > Mob Drop, Hub Addons, Settings menu and Discord hook all with Mysql & Yaml 0.16-SNAPHSOT

    cAnaligy ↴ Complement Compatible with MySQL and yaml soon with MongoDB This plugin was created unconsciously, for a server (CobraMC), after a job it looked very good, but we have noticed that it looks very similar to HolyPvP , we have no problems because the codes were created by us and the...
  2. ItzMehMaikel

    Deluxe Menu Prison Gem Shop GUI 3 Themes, 4 Categories V1.0

    ✨ Deluxe Menu Gem Shop GUI ✨ I made this GUI on 1.12 so if you want to use it on another version and items are missing message me on-site or on discord and I will fix it for you! Features: 3 Different themes 4 Different categories Prices are already done Themes: Blue Pink Yellow Used...
  3. BGHDDevelopment

    [SALE] ShardGems | New Type of Currency [PlaceholderAPI Support] [API] 2.18

    Fully customizable, meaning you can change the messages and settings of the plugin inside the configuration file. Light and efficient, won't cause any sort of lag towards your server! Many things to be added soon! Please put suggestions in the reviews / reports below! New type of currency...
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