1. Cian

    HCFactions CrazyEnchantments Config | 10 Rank - 13 Class - 2 Seasonal Kits | Custom Enchants 1.1

    20% LIMITED TIME SALE Professional High Quality GODKit / Custom Enchants Setup for HCF Servers Owners that are looking to bring in easy profit for their servers by selling Ranks & GodKits. Used by previous server owners along with myself bringing in quite ALOT of profit. Reason for this being...
  2. Cian

    30% SALE Professional HCF Setup WORLD + CONFIGS Custom CMDs, GodKits, Crates, AC 2.0

    NOW ONLY $12.50 - WORLDS HAVE BEEN ADDED + MORE HIGH QUALITY CONFIGS! ( EXCLUSIVE BUILDS - NEW BUILDS EVERY WEEK!) Hello MC-Market, This is a package of a bunch of config's perfect for HCF. In this package, I have included the following config's of the following plugins. Valid was my old HCF...
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