1. xF IncrettivE

    Building Games - SETUP| 3 Gamemodes | Coins Shop | EMOTES & MUCH MORE v1.9.3 (30% OFF)

    Server version: 1.8 Build Battle | Build Battle | 3 Solo & 3 Team Arenas | Build'n'Guess | Guess Mode | Made with Skript | 5 Arenas | Speed Builders | Speed Mode | 5 Arenas | Custom join signs made with skript with changing glass behind them Top stats signs made with skript Personal stats signs...
  2. xF IncrettivE

    Build'n'Guess ? Skript | MultiArenas | Stats 1.9

    Do you remember the famous minigame Build It a.k.a Build My Thing? All available plugins are outdated and not working well, so I decided to make my own version of the game. The goal of the game is to guess what the player in the center is building. Guessing and getting your building guessed...
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