hardcore faction spawn

  1. memebok

    [!]CHEAP[!] Hardcore factions (HCF) Spawn 1.0

    A HCF (Hardcore Factions) Spawn including: -A shop. -A Nether portal. -A Crate area. (There are carpets leading to those 3) Also includes: -A fishing area. -A cow area (You just need to put spawners) -A road.
  2. MCCharity

    Futuristic HCF Spawn [101x101] RELEASE

    This Futuristic HCF spawn includes futuristic buildings, birch trees, and an aesthetic pond! Includes roads to travel on through your world. Futuristic HCF Spawn [101x101] Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website...
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