harvester hoe gui

  1. RivalDevelopment

    Rival Harvester Hoes - Custom Enchants, Cane Top, Captcha, Discord Alerts, Essence System & Shop 1.6

    Test Server: hub.rivalsetups.xyz Discord Server: https://discord.rivalsetups.xyz/ Test Server: hub.rivalsetups.xyz Docs: https://docs.rivalsetups.xyz/ Enchant Suggestions: Click here Issues, Bug Report & Suggestions: Azur#4386 Want to buy with crypto? Make a ticket in the discord...
  2. SirLove

    UpgradableHarvesterHoe - Perfect For Factions! - 50% OFF 1.0

    This plugin allows you to give players harvester hoes that are upgradable in game with a GUI. To upgrade to the next level, you must have a certain amount of tokens and sugarcane broken. Features /upgrade gui Upgrade based on tokens & sugarcane block broken Auto Sell (Configurable messages)...
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