hcf gkits

  1. Panda Community

    PandaGKit [1.7.x - 1.18.x] 2.4.8-SNAPSHOT

    ⚔️ Optimized Kit System 1.7.x - 1.18.x ⚔️ Support - discord.pandacommunity.org Show Case - mc.pandacommunity.org Create your own Kits (Unlimited) NBTTag Compatibility All Kits settings configurable in-game Status Show Menu Displayname Icon Glow Slot Permission Cooldown Loot Custom Enchants...
  2. Cian

    HCFactions CrazyEnchantments Config | 10 Rank - 13 Class - 2 Seasonal Kits | Custom Enchants 1.1

    20% LIMITED TIME SALE Professional High Quality GODKit / Custom Enchants Setup for HCF Servers Owners that are looking to bring in easy profit for their servers by selling Ranks & GodKits. Used by previous server owners along with myself bringing in quite ALOT of profit. Reason for this being...
  3. Cian

    (50% OFF) CrazyEnchantments HCF Config Enchanter & CustomEnchants GKITS High Quality 2017-10-31

    This is a customized and unique version of the HCF enchanter & gkits for servers such as VeltPVP 4.0 & Arcane 3.0. Includes a custom /enchanter, /ce, /tinkerer, /gkits & also includes the custom enchants that suits a hcf server. Included in the config 5 Tiers of custom enchants » Common...
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