1. wysfroggo

    HCFSetup | Crate Keys | Partner Items | Ranks | CE | Lot More!

    UnitedMC HCF Setup Price = 5$ USD This HCF setup is very well made bunch of cool features but this setup was originally made for a server so you will need to own or purchase some plugins to use it at its full potential https://discord.gg/CrJDvnyk
  2. VapnoDealer

    😈 HCF Nether Map [old Viper replica]

    High Quality HCF Nether Map 2000 x 2000 Terrain info: Flat circle spawn area at 0, 0 4 roads Strongholds World info: 2000 x 2000 terrain (1 000 radius from spawn) 1.7 and 1.8 supported (no 1.9+ blocks) Clean world (no irregular terrain like missing chunks) Perfect for PvP Extra: The world...
  3. VapnoDealer

    🌵 HQ Terrain | HCF Terrain - 4000 x 4000

    Custom High Quality HCF Terrain. World with 4 biomes. Good for Factions. Terrain info: 4 Biomes (Desert, Snow, Mesa, Red desert) 4 Flat Koth Corners (150 x 150) each at 500, 500 1 Flat Spawn in the centre (200 x 200) at 0, 0 Flat terrain for roads on 0 axis all 4 ways (50 blocks wide) Ores...
  4. nwse


    Domain HCFactions.pl for sale. Pretty OG domain I think, my server targeted at the polish market was supposed to start under this domain, but I changed my mind so I want to sell it quickly. It expires 2023-03-07 For ownership proof and offers contact me on Discord: nwse#5160 I can tranfer this...
  5. T

    looking for anticheat dev

    looking for anticheat dev need to have worked for potpvp networks before and proof good code optimized code you will be paid
  6. Samu1055


    I introduce myself, my name is Samuel I am a 16 year old guy who configures servers, I have been configuring servers since I was 10 years old and I have experience in it My times are | Monthly payments | Daily payments | Payments on time | And fulfilling everything requested and solving...
  7. daigen

    CDS - Custom Discord Setups | Offering | $1 PER DISCORD SETUP ANYKIND!

    Hello, my name is PayNow and I'll be offering my services to MC-Market Community. What I will be offering! Customizable Discord Setup Discord Bots Setup Custom Roles, Channels And much more! Payment Methods Cash App PayPal Highly recommend Cash App!! Discord: PayNow#0001 100% REFUNDABLE...
  8. marlon233

    ✅ Heaven BlockShop [Kitmap/HCF] | DeluxeMenu config ✅ 1.0

    This is not a plugin! this is a configuration This is a config with 12 different menus that complement everything for a HCF/KitMap "blockshop", it contains 9 categories in the buy shop menu, with everything essential from wood to spawners, it contains a sell shop where users can sell their...
  9. S

    Crystal Network | Practice | Kitmap | HCF

    Crystal Network is a new server with over 700 members in the discord including some YouTubers and Streamers. We are getting to the point where we are about to release and do not have sufficient amount of staff. We are in need of active professional staff members from wherever to come and help...
  10. fqcus

    Vortex Dev | Offering high quality spigot optimization | Quick support & fast service

    Vortex Development is offering custom spigot optimization for 1.7.10 & 1.8.9 spigots. We can make a fully custom spigot or modify an existing one with sources. Quick support comes in for free even after the job is fully completed. Despite the main work, we can add any of your needed wishes to...
  11. A

    HC-Factions [PVP] {Hardcore} {Semi-Anarchy} {Death Ban} {Brand New} {LOOKING TO PARTNER}

    FRESH WORLD, BRAND NEW SERVER The ultimate Hardcore PvP experience. 1hr Death Ban, No Plugins, No P2W. Recommended for experienced players only. Go solo, or play with others - but be careful with who you trust. This server is not for the weak, and simple mistakes could be costly. With a world...
  12. Pabitoo

    KitMap Spawn + Road ~ Tropical 110x110 1.7+

    ~ KitMap Spawn ~ Tropical Includes ~ Nether Portal ~ End Portal ~ Shop Area ~ x5 Crate Place (can be manage by you) ~ x5 NPC Place (can be manage by you) ~ Tops ~ Roads Size Spawn: 110 x 110 Size Roads: 39 x 21 Schematic Version 1.7 - 1.18 3D View: https://skfb.ly/otNNI DOWNLOAD: You will...
  13. MysteryBuilds

    Spawn + Road – MUSHROOM Theme [HCF-KITMAP] 2022-03-26

    Build Description ▶ INFORMATION ✦ 3D Model : https://skfb.ly/o8Mrt ✦ You will receive a ZIP file [ Schematic and World ] ✦ Minecraft Version: 1.7+ ~ 1.12+ ✦ Size: 150 x 150 ▶ WEB https://mysterybuilds.net ▶ DISCORD Support/Community https://discord.gg/mysterybuilds Links: ➤WEBSITE...
  14. RConfig

    CUSTOM KOTH BEACH 100 x 100 | FOR HCF • KITMAP • PRISION OP • FULLPVP • KITPVP | (1.7 • 1.8) 1

    Custom Conquest for KITMAP or HCF Schematic: Version: 1.7 • 1.8 Size: 100x100 blocks. Terms & Conditions • You can not charge back or refund. • You can not request any edits for the map. • You can not resell the map. • You can not claim it as your own work.
  15. RConfig

    CUSTOM CONQUEST 400 x 400 | FOR HCF KITMAP | (1.7 • 1.8) 1.0

    Custom Conquest for KITMAP or HCF schematic: Version: 1.7 • 1.8 Size: 400x400 blocks. Terms & Conditions • You can not charge back or refund. • You can not request any edits for the map. • You can not resell the map. • You can not claim it as your own work.
  16. SwartZ_

    Question about Bunkers gamemode.

    Simple question : If i sell Bunkers plugins like CavePvP etc ... Do you think people can buy this here on non exclusive ? If yes, what price can I put on it ? Thanks guys for your honest answers.
  17. Shamus

    🌲 High Quality | HCF PINE WORLD🌲 1.1

    Terrain info: 4 Flat Koth Corners (150 wide) each at 500 500 1 Flat Spawn in the centre (200 wide) at 0 0 Flat terrain for roads on 0 axis all 4 ways (50 wide) Ores underground Caves underground Dungeons and Mineshafts underground Few little ponds and lava pools around world World info...
  18. Lilaaa_

    [Factions] - Warzone + Spawn Oriental | 500x500 1.8+

    » Factions Warzone Oriental « – Warzone with oriental theme – Spawn + Road – NPC Zones – Shop Zone – Version 1.8+ – Type of file .Shematic – Size 500x500 Download: You will get folder in .zip with 1 schematic Before loading your schematic: /gamerule randomtickspeed 0
  19. V

    Warzone | Never Released | files only and sources and domain

    What is included with the sale: - Warzone Artwork (Logo / Twitter Header) | Watermarked for protection - Warzone Domain (warzone.rip) | Registered with NameCheap - Full Ownership of the Warzone Brand, will confirm with you once sale is complete for your records. Considering this brand...
  20. Smexayyy

    Looking for HCF Web Designer

    Hello My name is Smexayy I'm in need of a Good Web Designer/Store designer for HCF (Minecraft) If you think you are good for the job Add me on Discord Smexayy#9698 .
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