health manager

  1. Omidius

    OmiHealth [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.2.9

    OVERVIEW OmiHealth is a powerful yet lightweight plugin designed to add a lot more health options to the default Minecraft! This plugin is perfect for survival or RPG servers. There is an added item, the Health Upgrade which if the player manages to get the items together to make and consume, it...
  2. Zakra

    SuperHeal [New: Signs, WorldGuard Integration, Title-Action Messages & More!] 3.3.8

    My next update, 3.5.0 will include: More Title & Action messages [20%] Better Signs system [70%] Healing items [60%] Better configuration. [55%] Heal on kill option. [0%] The more I progress with this plugin I realize that there is no such thing as to make it completed, I never stop to...
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