hub config

  1. Marcel_


    An All-In-One DeluxeHub configuration! This DeluxeHub configuration is all you need for a simple hub. It includes a server menu + hub selector. If you need help with making these fit your server, open a ticket in the Discord server! Coming Soon: More styles (More scoreboard configurations...
  2. CleanPvPMCOfficial

    Update 1.4 Is Here| HD | All in One Configuration Package| 1.4

    What you get when you upon purchasing this Configuration? Need to buy these plugin since they are premium plugins BannerBoard DeluxeChat Featherboard HeadDatabase The Jars you need to use this plugin! The configuration you see on this page! Installation Instructions on how to put it on your...
  3. Innings

    HUB FEATHERBOARD 5 Colors, Attractive, Productive, Cheap 1.8

    - Around the clock support by developers - Step by step installation instructions - Displays Server info & Player info - Instantly updated player count - Placeholders are pre-set - Multitude of options - Satisfying design EVERYTHING on this config can be customized. For an additional...
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