1. Michael Keeling

    Hi there.

    Hi All. My names Michael and I'm an upcoming Fantasy/ Supernatural Horror Screenwriter. In my spare time I love to play video games, I'm a variety gamer, so I play all sorts from shooters, to City Builders and Survival Games lol. It's good to be here :), If anyone wants to game with me then...
  2. lukasdrowned

    hey guys and ladies and my fellow people

    hey! my name is lukas and i'm 17! i'm from the uk i am a writer and i make minecraft skins aswell. i work for devroom and i'm applying for devnics as of current and i have hopes to be in senior team aswell. thanks
  3. Helheim

    Helheim has arrived

    Hello everyone! We are Helheim, a Minecraft community server from Czech Republic. Currently we have 35 members in our A-Team, but we hope to recruit some more people from other countries as well. That's why we are here! (and also to connect ourselves to the Minecraft community) As a project we...
  4. Ruyme

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I’m Ruyme aka Qual, i develop servers. Currently Im owner o server network that i have been doing .
  5. Y

    Hello from VitezaCloud

    Hello! I am YusufYaser. I am also the owner of VitezaCloud, a fast, reliable and cheap hosting. I am also a backend developer, and I have joined MC-Market to expand my hosting. Regards, YusufYaser VitezaCloud
  6. T

    Just "Hello"

  7. BroEdits

    Hi, I'm BroEdits

    Hi i'm BroEdits, I'm 17 and English. I recently just joined MCM to post some resources i'm planning on doing some free ones too for everyone. I used to own a Minecraft server called SurvivalStates. Was popular for a couple months, using TIKTOK and other ways to advertise and gain players. It...
  8. Crafterick

    Anyone interested in knowing a builder, modeler and artist?

    Hi! I'm Hexerick But it's fine to be called anything with crafterick as well! I recently changed my name on all other platforms, so this is one of the phew sites that I haven't been able to change xd I'm a prof builder who's new on mcmarket, I've earlier been on pmc and done stuff there...
  9. Tyro

    Good morning everyone!

    Good morning all, My name is Shane and I own/develop a small, growing server, Mythic Realms: Arathia. I came here to look for talent in some fields that are lacking in my development team, (on the development side its been 90% me and I'm even still learning.) Starting off with a advertisement...
  10. Obyvante


    Hi, I've been into Minecraft for almost 8 years. I am currently working as a freelancer for mostly Minecraft projects/jobs. I have a lot of plans for mc-market too! I love RPG and MMORPG genre in Minecraft! I had tried to make few MMORPG projects but it didn't last long. Although the videos...
  11. divineblood

    Sup Shawtyyyyy

    Heyo I'm a college student who likes to build in Minecraft. I specialize in video game remakes and custom megabuilds. Call me beep me if you want to reach me!
  12. spotifygold

    Hello There :)

    Greetings, everyone. I've been playing since 1.7 and have now started working on my own server. I am also a business owner and a software developer.
  13. HydroDevelopments

    System.out.println("Hello World!");

    Hey! I'm incomprehendable. Another one of my aliases (which I more commonly go by) is jiggey! I own the Minecraft accounts jiggey, jiggey2, jiggey3 and jiggey4. Sorry for the (probably) over-used post title. I have been programming for about 4 years however only really began using Spigot...
  14. LeoCats

    Hi, it's Leo!

    Good day, everyone! Today I started my professional minecraft career on McMarket... :cool: Wish me luck and have a nice evening.
  15. Encourage


    wsp every1 its Encourage s/o every1 who sees this
  16. chesterloke

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone, I am Chester Loke from Singapore. I am glad to be part of this forum. Let's all get along. :):D
  17. Dj_Denon

    Hi there!

    I'm Dj, Graphic/web designer, I used to run lights and Dj at a few night clubs before covid, not anymore due to obvious reasons. I've got some 6-7 years of graphics design experience (Photoshop, After Effects, etc.) under my belt now, about 3 in Web Design, and I started playing Minecraft in...
  18. OfficialAldori

    Hi McMarket!

    ⛏Introduction Hello, my name is Aldori... but that username was already taken! I have been following this community for sometime now and i tought because of corona and sitting home all day, i would start posting somethings! I am living in the Netherlands, currently i am 18 years old and...
  19. Milky_Says_Moo7

    Hi?? I'm Milky

    I'm Milky_Says_Moo7 or just Milky. I will not give away my actual name unless I know who wants to know it. I'm soon-to-be 17 My game name is SapphireWoods, and I have the java edition of Minecraft. I don't play Minecraft or any other games religiously, but instead, I play on the game I'm...
  20. L


    I'm Linus. I only made this account so i could view threads tbh
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