1. SoulWolfX

    Kit-PVP Map Base 1.0

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit PvP Map Base Features : 1. Left clean so it can be easily customizable, but usable as stock 2. Spawn area large enough for most servers, but small enough to be removed easily 3. Four Main Areas, desert. mountain, snow...
  2. TerneyDK


    This is a minecraft KitPvP map. Price: $150 Skype: bertram3214 Pictures:
  3. Thimo

    Selling map [115x111] for CHEAP!!!

    HELLO GUYS!!!! I have a new sale for you! This one is mady by thibeastmo. Hope you like it and you are free to rate it! This map doesn't have walls but it has water around it. I have placed barriers around it. Price: $20 Theme: Nordic/mediëval Here are the pictures: Here is the proof:
  4. P_Squidy

    OP Kit PVP server (Fully Finished) Light Weight

    Hello all! im am here selling a fully finished light weight op kit pvp server! add me on skype if you would like to buy: p.squidy it has only 14 plugins, and runs on spigot! - WorldEdit - HolographicDisplays - CombatLog - ACP (AntiCheatPlus) - OpenInv (Advanced Inventory Manager) - Essentials -...
  5. PossibleKill

    KitPvP / Spawn / 100% Legit.

    I wanted to sell my KitPvP Spawn And Arena, • This has been made by me and my friend. • I will not tell the ip since you people can world download. • I will only sell this map to 3 people, But if first seller pays more for the map i will keep it for him only. Payments: • I would like via...
  6. Boi

    MaxSetups High Quality Affordable Fast

  7. UnknownPrefix

    KitPvP Arena S A L E

    KitPvP Arena Sale Price is 3.95 USD for limited Time Video Bought it here: Link
  8. F

    Requesting a Co-owner, and all ranks

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