litebans custom messages

  1. Zidah

    Litebans messages (11 Colors | 3 Themes) | $4.99 1.4

    Custom litebans messages including 3 themes and 11 colors. (If you have any questions or found a bug please contact me via discord Fellati#8769) (6 colors multiline messages) (4 colors simple messages) (1 color punishments design) For this product you will need...
  2. gap


  3. Undeletable


    Customized LiteBans Messages with multi lines and with hoverable messages. All themes and colors have been tested and are 100% ready to use. This configuration includes 5 themes and 30 colors. LiteBans is a lightweight banning plugin supporting UUIDs which allows temporary and permanent bans...
  4. Savaa


    Hi guys, i selling litebans premium config for only 2$ SaWZZ#1111 ( Contact me there if u want buy )
  5. Sideliner

    LiteBans Configuration | Fully Customized Messages | Unique Design 1.1.2

    This configuration for LiteBans creates a custom and premium feel for your server. Messages Preview: Features: - Fully Configured Setup - Custom Messages - Styled for Smooth Operation Additional Information: Dependencies: LiteBans Adding to a Server: Download resource...
  6. Gamezland

    Litebans Message Configuration 20+ Combinations 2.1

  7. David_

    LiteBans Message Configuration! [6 Styles | 15 Themes] 1.4.0

    LiteBans Message Configurations This is a configuration of "LiteBans" which has been configured from scratch and tested numerous times. Keep in mind that every part of this configuration has been changed and not just examples in the picture! This configuration is so amazing because you can...
  8. H

    Minemen Club Punishment Messages Remake!

    *-*-* Litebans Messages! *-*-* Created by Dossiers Note: If you'd like a custom config then feel free to leave a PM here or on discord! Message broadcasted when a player is banned. Message broadcasted when a player is unbanned. Message broadcasted when a player is muted...
  9. SenpaiSkidz

    HCFaction setup! ready to use

    Selling custom HCFaction setup ready to use! every information you need you can find it HERE
  10. SenpaiSkidz

    HCFactionCustom Worlds Crates Gkits 5.1

    Welcome to the remake of HCFaction setup which is built on a sample of big popular servers, this server contains a lot of cool features. This setup comes with custom worlds and cool buildings a lot of cool messages added bounty hunter so players don't get bored after a few days of playing. I...
  11. ILANN

    LiteBans Configuration Messages | Different Styles | Cheap 2.2

    Litebans Messages Configuration Hello, I have made a very nice LiteBans custom Bans, Mutes and Warns messages. Make sure to give me a feedback and if you want more message me. This requires LiteBans plugin! More styles and colors will be added soon! Screenshots ► Aqua Messages Style ◄...
  12. TheWeston

    LiteBans Custom Messages Configuration[5 Packages] 1.0

    » Litebans Custom Messages »There are 5 packages all different colors Orange Yellow Red Blue Purple
  13. DanTheDonut

    (50% OFF) Configuration Bundles 2 Plugin 1.0

    These configurations will be updated and more will be added. Hello Everyone. For the next few weeks or so, I will be making and selling Professional looking Configs. They will be seperated by what is custom in the config, Such as messages, Or fully custom. If you decide to purchase it, You will...
  14. Voxtility

    Litebans Themes 10 Themes Custom Made Professional 1.4

    Use this litebans theme ----------------------------------------------------- Beautiful, clean formatting Fully setup LiteBans configuration Alot of themes Custom Made Cheap / Affordable ----------------------------------------------------- AQUA DARK GREEN DARK RED GOLD GREEN INDIGO PINK PURPLE...
  15. zunix


    Hey, I will be releasing my Litebans Messages. After hours of work, I've finished my first custom litebans messages! Due to being my first one, I used hours. The current colors are: Red, Purple, Green, Gold, White, and Yellow. I may be adding more colors soon. (If you want your own...
  16. S

    Messages (Litebans) [50% OFF] (7 THEMES) {HQ} 1.5

    Hey, I will sell my custom litebans messages! Since I don't have any rep at all, I will be giving away 3 Vouch copies! Requirements for vouch copies: - 10+ rep (Some exceptions may be made) - Need to have at least a 1 month old account (PM ME) After hours of work, I've finished my first...
  17. Adidas.

    AutoBuy | Litebans Messages Config, Gold & Yellow themed | $1 super low!

    Hey there, Today I'm going to be selling a Gold and Yellow themed Litebans Messages Config for $1, I'm using for AutoBuy Here's the link: Screenshots are on the selly if you're wondering what it looks like :) Enjoy. ~ Max
  18. InactiveYoutuber

    LiteBans Config HQ $2.50 1.0

    Tired of the old, plain LiteBans? Try this alternative. ----------------------------------------------------- Beautiful, clean formatting Fully setup LiteBans configuration -----------------------------------------------------...
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